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NEW IN: pink velvet

Cut from fluid salmon pink velvet, this midi dress has a flattering A-line silhouette that’s enhanced with ruffles on the waist line. Low collar and t-shirt cut on the top give the dress a relaxed look. The removable stretchy belt is decorated with our signature gold Cat button. Wear it with heels to a cocktail party or pair it with trainers to the office.

This time we asked our amazing photographer Sandra Palm to be in front of the lens. Here’s how we styled up the dress.




Japanese girls know how to flaunt our pieces! Wearing them as part of their daily looks comes so naturally to them, every time I´m in Tokyo I just watch and learn. The best example of course is our shop staff at the latest La Foret pop-up. Meet Mai, Natsuki & Reina – the experts in wearing Kriss Soonik!


Susan Top

Susan Lace Top has become sort of a cult product in Tokyo. It´s cute, elegant, easy to wear. Over the years we´ve done them in many different colours. When the world loves the top in black then Japanese girls love all pastel colours as well. This season it comes in beautiful lilac.


The long-sleeved version of Susan Lace is a great transition piece from cold Winter months to warmer Spring days. It´s easy to layer and adds an immediate touch of elegance to any outfit.


Over the years we´ve also made the Susan Top in different fabrics exclusively for Japan. The most recent being Glitter Tulle and Hearts Tulle. This season we also played with the jersey fabric and the result is a supercute dress. Can be worn as a Summer dress or why not layer it like Mai over your jeans in Spring?



One of my dearest friends Liilit went to LA and Las Vegas. When we found out about the trip we decided to pack her suitcase with the most versatile, light and easy to wear pieces from our collection.
This is how my super stylish friend styled the pieces on her trip.


Heart Dress

As I mentioned in my last blog post, the Heart Dress is the easiest thing to wear for an immediate impact look. Liilit threw it over leggings and a tank top and voila! I love how she has added the stripy socks to match the dress´s sporty details.


Wings Sweatshirt

Our new Wings Sweatshirt is a perfect Spring item. It´s soft and cuddly but the elegant French lace wings on the back add an immediate touch of glamour. Styled here with the Glitter Skirt the combo is fresh, sporty and elegant.


Jo Glitter Skirt

According to Liilit, the glitter skirt turned out to be a real head turner! Loving how she wore the skirt with the gold LA logo top and gold socks. But I especially love the starry leggings under the skirt! Of course Liilit´s signature red lipstick seals the final look 🙂



Our Tallinn showroom has been open a bit more than a month. With a Late Night Shopping Evening happening tonight, we thought it´s a great time to show you how it all started.


When I first saw the space, it reminded me of a school gym – a vast space of 200m2. The first thing we put in place was the shelving system. When they ended up looking like ladders, the concept became clear – sports meets luxe. In many ways it matches perfectly our collections´ design aesthetic. The basketball hoop was of course a natural next step.


All of this wouldn´t have happened (wouldn´t be happening as the showroom is far from ready…) without interior designer extraordinaire – Katrin Emmus. I´ve worked with Katrin on many projects before (including my wedding) but this was my first ever retail space.


Our team work is flawless. Sometimes it feels like we read each others´ minds. When I have a crazy idea, she is the one who works out how to achieve it and makes it look glamorous (like the Macramé technique used for our basketball net). And it also works vice versa. The pink floor strip is one of the ideas that Katrin came up with and it defined the whole space. You don´t need much more when you have a floor like that!


Here are some of the behind the scenes pictures of how it all came together. Thank you Katrin for being so amazing! #krisssooniksquad

Meet Sandra Palm

Our photographer Sandra is one of the coolest chicks to appear in my life over the last few years. Her sense of style, how she sees things, is unique and immediately catches your eye. I´ve learnt so much from her. I admire how professional she is. How she always speaks her mind. She´s fun to be around and I am glad to call her my friend.

Please let me introduce you to the one and only – Sandra Palm.

sandra-palm-by-stina-kase Photo by Stina Kase

Tell us a little bit about yourself
A creative girl with realistic vibes and who’s been obsessed with fashion all her life. Can’t live without travelling and good food!

How would you describe your personal style?
I appreciate good minimalistic design with some creative twists and high-quality fabrics. Used to wear a lot of black for years. Yet lines are still more important than colors, I’m trying to add some tones to my wardrobe at the moment. Brands like Acne, COS, Filippa K.

How did you end up working with Kriss?
By the time I met Kriss I had already been a long time fan of her personality and her approach to lingerie and fashion industry in general. I was really excited when make-up artist Nele introduced us and I’m even more excited that we keep on inspiring each other!

If you weren’t a photographer, you would be…
– a cat!

What inspires you?
I’m inspired by everything visual! I usually find a lot of inspiration while working. So I guess that the saying – Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working – is spot on.

What ́s your personal favorite piece from Kriss’s collections and why?
Susan Top, because it’s just so incredibly sexy and you can wear it in so many different ways.




Meet Getter Kuusmaa

If you´ve wondered where our cool AW16 campaign video came from, then Getter is the one to be blamed.

Me and Getter grew up together cheering for our fathers by the basketball court. She has always been such a positive, energetic and inspiring girl! It´s not always easy to find videographers who get our quirky sense of humour but with Getter it all came very naturally. Her photography and video work already had the same vibe.

So please let me introduce you to the newest member of the Kriss Soonik squad – Getter Kuusmaa.

Photo by Marit Martin

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I’m a freelance photo/videographer and a full time mother to a special little girl – Karlotta. I’m crazy about Estonian design and ice-cream.

How would you describe your personal style?
Rainy days – Hunter boots, winter days – Dr.Martens and all the other days – Adidas trainers. Minimalistic and simple but with a little twist. And I try to always have something on by an Estonian designer.

How did you end up working with Kriss?
Me and Kriss actually know each other from our childhood, running around at Kalev sports arena. But she contacted me this spring and when she did I jumped up and down from happiness.

If you weren’t a videographer/photographer, you would be…
…a world famous athlete 🙂

What inspires you?
Great design, fun and awesome people, my family and friends. Sometimes a great movie or a good book/magazine. People who overcome difficulties in their lives.

What ́s your personal favorite piece from Kriss’s collections and why?
The Susan Body – I can just wear it with everything and it’s amazing!





Meet the Marketing Director of our favourite US lingerie chain Journelle – Allison Beale. Allison has been a supporter of the brand since day one and always a massive inspiration to us!

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I’m into wine, food, lingerie and music…in that order. I’m a New Yorker by way of North Carolina, lover of the beach, spontaneous dance parties, late night chats and live music. Mom to Frank the cat. I’ve been in fashion or lingerie PR for as long as I can remember. And while I live for lovely lacy things, I would gladly cheat on lingerie with food + wine 😉
Récemment mis à jour3Who’s your style crush?
Lauren Hutton. She just has this ease and elegance to her style – the clothes she wears, how she moves in them, the pairing of the unexpected. You can tell she’s comfortable in her own skin and dresses to accentuate that.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
My grandmother told me to always smile when I answer the phone because the people on the other end of the line would hear it in my voice.

Top 3 favourite places in NYC.
There are too many to name only three! Here goes…Balthazar is perfect just about any time of the day. I go every Monday morning for a cappuccino and almond croissant and I’ve celebrated my birthday there the last seven years. Dell’anima, a cozy little nook in the west village is my favorite spot for pasta. It means “of the soul” and the bolognese is to die for, plus they have a killer wine list. I shop the Union Square Greenmarket 2-3 times a week. Wednesday mornings are the absolute best.
Récemment mis à jour4

On a Saturday night we would find you… at dinner with friends. Sometimes cooking it for them.

What’s your personal favorite piece from Kriss’s collections and why?

The Kristel Suspender top in black – it’s a wardrobe staple for me. It’s both thoughtfully sexy and approachable – a classic.
Récemment mis à jour6

Meet Harriet Spence

Meet Harriet, the tireless fashion PR who takes care of our press coverage in the UK.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am thirty-something (I tend to forget the exact digits!). I have always worked in fashion PR and launched my own agency HPR LONDON in 2009.
I am mum to Frenchie Maggie May and recently married Nathan. I love country and rock and roll and wish I was a cowgirl!

How would you describe your personal style?
I am more into a winter wardrobe, layering different textures mainly of the black variety. Working in fashion PR – black is the classic uniform but I try and mix it up with different silhouettes. I’m currently into really wide oversized pants teamed with a simple tee.
I couldn’t live without my vintage leather biker, cropped leather trousers (not to be worn together) and an oversized piece of knitwear.
I like clean, minimal lines and avoid colour as much as possible.
I usually buy Superfine, Acne, Rick Owens, Weekday and completely regret not buying the Vetements platform flame boots…!


On a Saturday evening we would most probably find you …
On a summers evening on a rooftop trying to catch the last of the sun and in the winter somewhere dark and cosy drinking red wine.

Top 3 favourite places in London.
Richmond Park, you feel like you are nowhere near the city.
Blacks, Soho.
The Scotch of St James, for an intimate gig.

What’s your personal favorite piece from Kriss’s collections and why?
The new swimwear line is great, simple shapes and the cut is perfect for me.
Kriss sent me the Gone Tanning bikini with a leopard lining – it was the first thing to go in my holiday suitcase!
When I met Kriss for the first time a few years ago the first thing I did was order her signature white lace triangle bra.


Meet Johanna Eenma

Meet the talented stylist who we’ve worked with for our Disco campaign, AW16 lookbook and most recently a catwalk show. Oh, and did we mention that she has the most awesome voice as well? Quite a combination!
Read for yourself 😉

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I was actually just trying to figure out what to write in my Instagram bio. As I divide myself between music (singing in band called I Wear* Experiment), styling (Fashion Editor at MOOD magazine and freelance), photography and sometimes illustrations. So .. it seems that I am a creative-cat.

How did you end up working with Kriss?
I think it was (photographer) Sandra Palm, who invited me to do your Christmas-New Year-Valentines-Birthday campaign.

How would you describe your personal style?
Black, practical and comfortable, with some weird elements added. But I intend to go crazy when touring with my band.

What song do you have on repeat right now?
Iiris – Hope.


Top 3 places in the world.
My downtown apartment, my parents’ house under pine trees in a quiet suburb in Tallinn and .. I really love riding around in a car, to anywhere.

What’s your personal favorite piece from Kriss’s collections and why?
I really love colour, but not on myself that much. So I’ll have to pick the black Kristiina Suspender Top – because of the pompom!

Listen to I Wear* Experiment on Spotify:



Meet our talented illustrator: Kati Stimmer

This week we launched The Cat range – a few of our key pieces decorated with original illustrations. If you were wondering who that talented designer behind these unique illustrations is, you have come to the right place 😉
Meet Kati Stimmer.


Tell us a little bit about yourself…

Hi! I’m a graduate of Fashion Design who is madly into handmade, nature, food and life. Main focus of my life right now is dreaming up knits at Studio HÕBE, besides that I’m doing freelance illustrations and making some garment magic happen.

How did you end up working with Kriss?

The year was 2014 when I got an email from the Kriss Soonik team about the brand’s 5th year anniversary and their wish to include my illustrations in their celebration. I was more than happy to do it!


What was the inspiration behind the SS16 illustrations?

The star of SS16 illustrations was the iconic catwoman, who is the interpretation of a wicked, seductive, independent and cool modern woman. We also wanted to add some cute cliché roses to make the overall look romantic.

How would you describe your personal style?

I’m a minimalist in love with lavish details.

What’s your personal favorite piece from the collections and why?

It’s undeniably amazing to see the pieces with my illustrations, but besides that I absolutely adore the new blush pink toned garments and the surprising add of denim fabric.