Our brand new Kimono Gown is probably one of the coolest new pieces in our collection.

I wanted to take a very traditional bathrobe material and give it a modern edge. I tried to make it look so fine that you´d want to show it off and wear it as a coat on the streets.


The rib cuffs give it a sporty vibe, loose cut makes it comfy, pockets add a touch of function and the colour combinations make it fun.


But ladies this coat also seems to be a magnet for male attention. Never in my 7 times of visiting Tokyo have I been approached on the street. This just does not happen. But with the pink Kimono Coat I managed to get two guys asking me out for coffee. Honestly, I did not have any other explanation than the coat!


This piece is website and showroom exclusive. So get to know our new Kimono Gown here!


Kriss is the founder and designer of Kriss Soonik Loungerie.