Piret Bra

Piret Bra

The new Piret Bra is here! Available in three lovely colours, this latest style is an absolute must have. With Piret our mission was to create a bra that would fit a larger cup, whilst still keeping the comfort and cool factor of our best-selling signature Silvia triangle bra.

Piret Bra


Coming to the result was far from easy though. This bra was years in the making because I was never satisfied with our samples. There was always something not right. It had to look and feel like “Kriss Soonik” but that didn’t occur for a long time.

After countless tests and frustration we finally got the bra we wanted! Made from our Classic French lace, signature wide elastic under bust, wide shoulder straps, edged with velvet trims and decorated with two tiny box bows in the front – it has the everyday comfort factor, sexiness and fit.

Piret Bra


The idea was also to extend the Classic range offerings, so Piret got a matching lace thong. Now you can actually mix and match the Piret Bra, Piret Thongs, Silvia Bra and Maike Knickers in whichever way you like.

Behind the Design: Silvia & Maike

Lace Lingerie

Writing about our bestselling classic items is like walking on memory lane. Silvia Bra is where it all started for the Kriss Soonik brand. If today you see triangle bralettes in every store, in every fashion show, then 8 years ago the scene was very different. All the brands were selling constructed bras, mainly padded or even push-ups. Then we came along with our soft cup bra. Our collection overall was more casual for a luxury brand. Using fabrics such as jersey and velour, so we got away with it. And not only did we get away with it, we owned that piece. Our brand became known for that lace bra with the wide elastic.

 French Lace


The first Silvia was made of black French lace – glamorous, chic and an immediate bestseller. For our 5th birthday we launched the Rainbow of Bras collection where Silvia came in many different bright and pastel colours. We are now constantly adding new shades to the mix. We have also extended the range into different fabrics, the Silvia Fishnet Bra being one of the most popular.

 Lace Lingerie


But of course talking about the Silvia Bra without mentioning Maike Knickers is only telling half the story. From the very beginning it has been a match made in heaven. Bold wide elastic with delicate lace combination finished with the square satin bow has made the set both sexy and sporty. It’s everyday lovely lingerie for a modern woman!


 Kriss Soonik

Rainbow of Bras

Last year as a 5th birthday surprise we brought back all the different colours of lace we had worked with over the years in our best-selling Silvia Bra and Maike Knickers styles. A total of 7 colours – Naughty Navy, Sunset Orange, Electric Blue, Shocking Pink, Powder Pink, Sunshine Yellow, Midnight Black.

The line proved to be so popular that we re-launched it this year as part of our Classics collection.

Sonera Dancer

There is also a new addition to the lace bra and knickers family – Honeymoon White. A gorgeous, feminine all white combination to freshen up your Spring lingerie wardrobe and to welcome the wedding season. Check it out on our website now.


Kriss’s Top 5 – January

This time I decided to share with you my 5 New Year’s resolutions for 2015. I usually try not to give utopian promises during the most miserable and cold time of the year. I prefer the start of my year to be in August with my birthday but this year I thought to give it a go. So here we go:

1) Support independents & independence – I admire and respect our customers who have taken the time to find us and spend their hard earned cash on our designs. Even when we were first starting out with no credentials at all.
I’ve always been a huge fan of original design and I´m always on the lookout for new, cool, unique pieces. But recently, I admit, I’ve been a lazy shopper. So my New Year’s resolution is to make an effort to buy more cool young design and not support the mass-market chains.

At the same time, I wish to push things forward at Kriss Soonik and keep making our customers smile. I want to celebrate independence and experiment more. I promise to bring you better, bolder and more fun collections.


2) Sort out my bra drawer – it’s a strange one coming from a lingerie designer. But seriously – I have abandoned the contents of the drawer because everything in there is just not comfy enough. I only live in our Silvia Bras (remember I even wore the Silvia Lace Bra at my wedding?).
So I´ve decided to go through all the fancy structured bras in my drawer and start from the beginning. Hoping to get some help from this fab article in Refinery 29 (featuring our Silvia Lace Bra).


3) Write 10 minutes every day – No wonder my favourite song at the moment is “My head is a jungle” I really need to clear my head. 10 mins seemed like a realistic & doable goal. But really the main goal? To write better content to you. Let me know in 3 months time if it has improved, or not. My email address is still info@kriss-soonik.com


4) Learn Japanese – yeah right! Although this year I will be visiting Japan quite a few times and I wish to at least learn some basic phrases (extending it from Arigato, Konnichiwa and Kawaii) to communicate with local fans on a more personal level.


5) A secret – a girl can have one, right? I promise to tell it to you when it comes true.


Happy New Year!
Kriss x

Behind the Scenes: Rainbow of Bras Moodboard

Over the 5 years we have worked with different gorgeous colours of lace. As a birthday surprise we brought them all back in our best-selling Silvia Bra and Maike Knickers styles. There are a total of 7 colours – Naughty Navy, Sunset Orange, Electric Blue, Shocking Pink, Powder Pink, Sunshine Yellow, Midnight Black. There is one colour for each day and of course you can mix and match as you wish.

Here´s some of the inspiration behind the colours.








All mood images via Pinterest.