Since launching her first collection in 2009, Kriss Soonik has stayed true to her signature style of fusing contemporary lingerie, with luxurious loungewear and ready-to-wear. Her forever feline spirit is relaxed and easy-going yet in a blink of an eye can transform you into the most glamourous creature on the planet.

Kriss designs garments that can be layered for a day through to evening look and encourages wearers to express their individuality through the many styling options her designs offer.

Based in London, England Kriss travels regularly to her home town of Tallinn in Estonia, Tokyo and New York. With these cities heavily influencing the inspiration for her seasonal collections and where she has captured the eye and hearts of press and celebrities, evident through her vast collection of organic editorial.

In 2017 the Kriss Soonik Studio Store opened in the centre of Tallinn’s old garment district. Kriss acquired the 214 square meter space where her garments have been made from the very beginning of her career. She’s taken the traditional Estonian crafts-woman and the machines in house meaning that each and every Kriss Soonik garment is expertly hand-made to the highest quality and attention to detail in her very own studio.

She sources fabrics from all over the world and through her Studio Store can trace who made each garment from start to finish.


Kriss launched her brand after working for luxury lingerie brands Agent Provocateur and Madame V and completing her MA at London College of Fashion. ‘My mission is to encourage women to explore their individuality, femininity and mischievousness. To not be restricted by rules and not be limited by what we think a lingerie brand should be. Why restrict yourself when you can be empowered by your freedom’.



Kriss Soonik girl can be best represented by the spirit of a cat. Relaxed with an easy-going attitude, yet in the blink of an eye she can transform into the most glamorous creature on the planet. Her femininity and strength shining far, and her mischievous soul always present.


Studio Store

The Tallinn Studio Store features the Kriss Soonik colours of white, pink and black and a basketball hoop, evoking Kriss’ ‘always time for fun’ attitude. The design is minimalistic, with original and heritage architectural details kept in place along with lots of natural light and the iconic Kriss Soonik kitten logo. Get directions.