Hottest Spring Trend – Bra tops

Bratop trend SS21 celine victoria beckham altuzarra celine

One of the hottest trends of Spring 2021 that keeps popping up everywhere is bra tops. Or as Elle UK calls them – brops.
This has been our speciality since we launched the brand in 2009. For us it´s always been about bras that are cool enough to show off and not just hide under layers of clothes.

Fashion´s love affair with bras is nothing new, it´s been around for ages. From corsets to a peeking bra strap to bras under sheer blouses. But this trend is a bit different.
It´s more mature, a bit sporty. It´s not meant for seducing anyone. It´s about feeling comfortable and not really giving a damn. When matching the bra with high-waisted jeans and a smart blazer you can dress it up or down as you wish.

Kriss Soonik Bratop Trend

One of the best pieces to try out this trend with is our Ilona Velvet Bra. It´s sporty, has all the right detailing and is easy to style. You can also try our brand new Krista Bra Top, the nice sheen of the fabric adds a touch of elegance to the look.

But our top tip when it comes to bra tops? If you are uncomfortable wearing them in public, we hear you! Why not try a bikini top instead? Our Ilona, Meg or Pia bikini tops are just perfect to give the trend a go. They are meant to be worn out, so why not on the city streets?


Bratop SS 21 trend Ilona Bikini


Between the Sheets: Kreete, Liisa-Chrislin & Sinencia

‘’Between the sheets’’ is an honest series on our blog where we bring together KS lingerie worn by real ladies,
lots of girl-talk & some of their beauty tips & tricks.
Meet Liisa-Chrislin – multitalent creating crazy looks with her make-up & styling skills, Kreete – stylist & owner of the coolest vintage shop in Estonia & Sinencia – aka Yasmin is a new generation singer-songwriter who lures people into her world with beautiful music & strong storytelling. Between the Sheets series was honoured to capture the power group at the Telegraaf Hotel in Tallinn old town just in time for Valentines. Or should we say Galentines?
Photos taken by Johanna Oden.


Here´s a quick chat with Liisa-Chrislin.
Have you ever got into a funny or awkward lingerie situation?

Wanted to perform “Lady Marmelade” at my school dance competition wearing sexy lingerie at the tender age of 13. Teachers cancelled our performance & we were super pissed off. Today I´m kind of happy they did 😅

Things that have happened in your life thanks to the support of friendship?
EVERYTHING! Friendship is more valuable than anything else in this world.

Manifestation for the future. Where would you like to be at this moment?
I like to keep things unpredictable so I´ll skip this manifestation & see where the ride takes me 🎢

A song to always dance along to?
Any afrobeat banger puts me in the mood.



Top 5 of 2020

Every year I pick the 5 most memorable moments of the year. Even though the year 2020 has been weird and surreal in so many ways, there are so many things to be grateful for. So here we go!


Geisha Valentine’s

Our Valentine´s day collaboration with Finnish chocolate brand Geisha was definitely one of my favourites of the year. The launch event of the campaign was the first and last major event in our Tallinn Studio Store this year. Thank god we really made the most of it! The campaign featuring our special mini-collection in pink velour and chocolate brown lace graced many shopping malls and TV channels prior to the special day. Thanks so much Fazer Estonia for choosing us for this campaign!



TFW fashion show

We presented our new AW20 collection at virtual Tallinn Fashion Week in October. Like all of you, I wasn´t able to attend the show, which made the situation quite strange. After all, it was my show but I as well watched it online. So I´d like to thank my amazing team – models Merilin, Ellu, Aurelia, make-up artist Erle and assistant Susanna. But most of all Johanna – without you I would have been nothing this year! Thanks for bringing the show alive better than I would have!


Diana Wings Wrap

The reason we survived this tricky year was the need for comforting comfy stuff and so our loungewear started flying off the virtual shelves.The hero product of the year was hands down our Diana Wings Wrap. Alongside our Getter Wings Wrap and Wings Hoody, the trio rocked our world and helped us through the roughest of times. They have been our best-selling products for awhile but this year was designed for them.


Abstracat Tulle

Bringing new fabrics to our collections is the most exciting and nerve-wrecking thing for me. This Autumn we introduced a new tulle to the collections called Abstracat. The pattern on the soft tulle looks like abstract splashes of velvet paint with our Cat logo and KS initials hidden in there. And then my ultimate favourite product became alive – Abstracat Jacket. The combination of velour and tulle in just the right quantities, wearing it with a pair of jeans and t-shirt is my go to look for a long time!



Our customers

Like so many other brands when lockdown hit I was not sure how we´ll survive. For a moment it really seemed like the end of the world. Maybe it’s stretching it a bit but it was definitely the end of the world as I knew it. No more easy travels to Tokyo or New York, my global world fell apart with a blink of an eye. I can´t explain how much I miss it! But when everything got really bad, our customer came to support us. I can´t explain how grateful I am for our community, the wonderful people who are willing to spend their hard-earned cash on our products. I can only promise to bring you even more exciting stuff in the year 2021 and make you smile with our designs.
Thank you! ❤️

Kriss xx


Gift Guide 2020

#krissmas returns also in 2020! Let us introduce you the buzz words from our collections this holiday season.

Kriss Soonik Gift Guide


Velvety Dreams

From smooth velvet lingerie to the comfy velour dressing gowns, velvety is definitely the strongest word in our gift guide this year.

Kriss Soonik Gift Guide Velvet


Original Abstracat

Our new signature tulle fabric with splashes of velvet paint is our pick for a bold and fashion-forward gift.

Kriss Soonik Gift Guide Party Outfit Abstracat


The Classics

There are some things that never go out of style. Like our Kristel Turtleneck Suspender Top. It´s a must-have for a reason.

Kriss Soonik Gift Guide Suspender Top


KS x Toku Sandals

Grooving in your living room is the new going out. So add a pair of woollen socks to our leather sandals and dance the night away.

Kriss Soonik Gift Guide Suspender Top TOKU Sandals


Gift cards

Can´t decide? There´s no shame in slipping a Kriss Soonik gift card under the Christmas tree. Choosing something for myself after getting gifts for everyone else sounds very refreshing.

Kriss Soonik Gift Guide Suspender Top Gift Card Sleeping Mask Cat

Tallinn Fashion Week 2020

Last week Tallinn Fashion Week hosted our virtual AW20 fashion show “All dressed up and nowhere to go”. With a symbolic empty front row, we of course missed all the buzz and excitement of putting on a “real” fashion show but nevertheless the result was pretty amazing. Girls wrapped up in warm blankets strutting down the catwalk – yes, please! Thank you to our incredible team for all the hard work of pulling it together!

Below we have put together looks by theme and in the end you can watch the entire show.


Abstracat Tulle & Honey Gold Velvet

Our newly launched Abstracat Tulle dress, skirt and jacket alongside the Honey Gold Velvet items took center stage at the show. They were giving us serious Autumn vibes.


Black on Black

Nothing says Kriss Soonik better than sexy black pieces of lingerie and loungewear. Here we introduce our Knitted Jersey in Organic Cotton that will launch in December. Ultimate comfort mixed with cutout details – new Winter favourites.


Blue, baby!

Our SS20 Denim styles came out alongside our new Electric Blue velour pieces bringing a real sprark into the colour palette.


Leopard Lady

Launched this week, these Leopard Print Velour pieces are giving us real 70s vibes. Lounging at home in the tailored PJ set or if you´re lucky enough, going out in the brand new Iris cut dress, these pieces are as comfortable and funky as they can get.


Pink and Burgundy

Soon we´ll launch our velour colour of the season – Dusty Pink. Get ready, there will be limited items of Wings Hoodies and Gowns just in time for Christmas gifts. The Burgundy Glossy Jersey will have you turning heads at a party soon as well!

Photos by Erlend Štaub

Watch the full show here!

Home resort

This Summer we teamed up with the very wicked photographer Kertin Vasser to bring you a fun Swimwear editorial. The theme was of course influenced by what´s happening in the world and how we have to make the most of our local sand dunes.
Thanks to Mari-Ly Kapp for the incredible biker shorts tan lines and model Getter (EMA Model management) for providing the body for these incredible tan lines. Enjoy!









Dear Gemini


It must be tricky to be you, I assume?
It sure would be for a feline.
Imagine – you want to walk on your own, but how is this possible with a dual personality?
They say a Gemini is sociable, friendly and ready for fun but can unexpectedly get restless or even serious, longing for solitude.
Wait… It sounds like a cat, doesn’t it? I must be a Gemini after all then.


Yours sincerely,
The Katwoman




Here we introduce you to two real life Geminis. But don’t be fooled, they are not twins.
Just kick-ass cool sisters who happen to both be Geminis – Johanna and Susanna. Happy birthday!

Between the sheets: Liisa

‘’Between the sheets’’ is a new honest series on our blog where we bring together KS lingerie worn by real ladies,
lots of girl-talk & some of their beauty tips & tricks.
Meet Liisa – public relations specialist, parent to a dog girl Frida. Enjoys her free time painting, DJing at her friends parties and putting together crazy outfits to take pictures of. We have always been obsessed with her beautiful personal photoshoots! When she agreed to do our Between the Sheets series we were more than excited to see the minitorial she planned to take at her country house.


Have you ever got into a funny or awkward lingerie situation?
Awkward panty lines when wearing tight clothes is definitely something that has happened more than I’d like to admit.

Name your favourite beauty product or trick that has changed your beauy routine.
My favorite beauty trick is definitely natural self-tanning products. It helps with uneven skin tone which happens during spring. So that extra spring spark is definitely needed.

Share your favourite comfort-food recipe?
Guacamole with everything! Take two soft avocados, half an onion, five cherry tomatoes (because they are the sweetest), squeeze lemon (half), salt and pepper. Mix them all together and eat it with toast and eggs or with chips! Works every time!

Your favourite song this month?
– I am back to my all time favorite genre – rap. And this song definitely goes with everything that goes on in the world Kanye West, PARTYNEXTDOOR – Ghost Town

Liisa is wearing light denim lingerie set

Liisa wearing light denim dress

Liisa wearing kristel suspender top

Liisa wearing denim skirt and denim frilly mesh bra

Liisa wearing Zodiac t-shirt

Liisa wore:
Denim Frill Bra – Light Blue, Denim Frill Bra – Dark Blue, Denim Knickers – Light BlueDenim Skirt – Multicolour, Katwoman Zodiac T-Shirt – White, Kristel Suspender T-shirt – Navy, Emily Bra – Navy, Denim Dress – Light Blue, Emily Knickers – Navy


Meet the Zodiacats

A few years ago we launched our Katwoman Alphabet T-shirts. This project turned out to be hugely successful. We have all loved how cute, sexy and fun these characters created by illustrator Kati Stimmer really are, finding new nuances in the drawings every time we glimpse at them.

Kriss Soonik Katwoman zodiac t-shit



Ever since that launch we have been thinking what could be the next step in the semi-customized range? After all the main point of these shirts is that you can pick your initial which makes it personal and fun.
So please let me introduce you – Katwoman Zodiac T-shirts.

Kriss Soonik Katwoman zodiac t-shirt


You can now pick your zodiac sign from our brand new Katwoman range. Printed on a comfy organic cotton T-shirt, these cute designs are waiting to be shown off. I love how the message of the illustrations is hidden. You can choose your sign but you can also wear a design just because you like it. We didn’t write Leo or Aries in big bold letters on purpose. That’s for you to explore.

Kriss Soonik Katwoman zodiac t-shirt


Share the love

So Johanna asked what is my quarantine life like. To be honest, to us it´s “business as usual”. If you have a 1 year old and you’re already working from home, life is pretty much living in quarantine. But now daddy´s home as well.

Kriss working from home with her son Karl


At first the lockdown was a huge shock, I got really worried and stressed. I´m a planner, so if I don´t know how long this is going to last, it makes me anxious. But then I stopped reading the news and focused on the good stuff. Yes, being in London, not knowing when I get to see my parents again, who are back in Estonia, made me sad. But there is internet and our daily calls keep the spirits up on both sides. We go for walks and spend time as a family.

I did question the need for our brand’s existence. “Why do people need another fashion brand in a time like this?”. What I realised was that now more than ever we need beauty, originality and fun around us. We need good design, music and dance.
We need pretty distractions.
Right now our superpower is making women smile. This is what we have done from the very beginning. When I started Kriss Soonik in 2009 during the economic crisis, we got the attention because we were bold and we stood out. In times like these we need less. When we buy new clothes, let´s be mindful and buy something that will really make us smile, that will help us be better versions of ourselves. Let´s support originality, sustainability and good design.

What do I want to achieve during this lockdown? I promise not to be lazy. I promise to design, design, design. So that you can have the coolest and most beautiful pieces to wear in Autumn and Winter.

As a thank you for your ongoing support we are sharing the love this weekend and giving 20% off everything
on our website with code: LOVE.
Thank you to our customers and fans all over the world. Can´t wait to see you again 🙂

Kriss xx

Kriss Soonik 20% off sale