Our Women: Kriss

“Our Women” is a new series where we introduce you all the coolest ladies who help Kriss Soonik do her magic. We start with our in-house team and of course the first person who we interview is Kriss Soonik herself!
Kriss is the heart of our brand. The one who designs and has always designed every collection. The one who’s determination has got us this far. Kriss always knew she wanted to do her own thing and a lingerie brand with a twist was a vision she had. After working for luxury lingerie brands Agent Provocateur and Madame V, and completing her MA at London College of Fashion, she launched her brand – Kriss Soonik.

See the photos & read our interview with Kriss below:

Describe your typical day
For the past 2.5 years I have been a full-time mum to Karl and been working on a minimum program. When we are in London, a typical day starts around 8am, we´ll have breakfast and by 10am we are out of the house. We go for a long walk into the park, playground, sometimes meet friends. This is the time when I work on my phone, get the most urgent stuff done. Then we head back home for some lunch at 1pm and the little dude takes his daily nap. This is 1-1.5h of full on work for me. Lots of emails, calls with colleagues, maybe even some designing. Whatever needs to be done. Karl usually sleeps up to 3 hours but for the last 1.5h I need to stay with him. So sometimes I do end up taking a nap with him but most of the time I just continue to work on my mobile. When he wakes, we play, we go out and then around 7pm have dinner as a family. Then a bit more playing and when Karl goes to bed around 9.30pm, I squeeze in some more work. Then have a cup of tea and watch some Netflix with my husband. I end up going to bed at midnight.

How do you find balance in life? How do you spend your spare time?
I love walking, running and going to the nature. This is what keeps me sane. Weekends are for spending time with family and taking a trip outside the busy London buzz. Get some fresh air. As soon as I switch off, this is when I find answers to questions that have been nagging me. This is when I get my best inspiration and ideas.

What inspires you?
Travelling and streetstyle. Seeing women wear our designs all around the world. It has been quite challenging during Covid times. I loved my trips to Tokyo and New York and I can´t wait to get back there. But it has opened new ways how to look for inspiration around me. Living in vibrant London helps, of course 🙂

What’s the best thing about living in London?
Versatilty. The balance of quiet and busy. You can choose what you want.

Do you have any tips to those who want to start their own brand?
Do it! If you don´t do it, you ´ll never know. Be prepared to go through very rough times. But when you are in these rough times, remember this is when the most exciting ideas are born.

What is your personal favourite item from Kriss’ collections and why?
All time Classic Kristel Turtleneck Suspender Top, a new favourite Abstracat Jacket and of course the Kimono Gown.

Photos by Karmen Alamets.

Kriss Soonik x Fotografiska Moeformance

Last week we hosted the first event in 2 years! And what an event it was.

Photographer Ellen Von Unwerth exhibition at Fotografiska Tallinn became the perfect backdrop for our models and dancers. The moeformance (fashionformance in English) consisted of 4 rooms with different themes – Play, Drama, Love, Passion. The Play room became a girls’ night in with Ellu, Ksenja and Marleen playing videogames, eating popcorn and drinking some prosecco. Drama room was dedicated to our dancers. Maris, Egle and Victoria swayed like real kitty cats to the tunes of Austin Powers. Liis, Mari and Adeline filled the third room with Love. And beauty, as they were getting ready for a big party. The final room, Passion, featured the sensual Nata lying on bed dreaming of an angel throwing feathers at her. Only to find out that the angel was real and his name was Siim.

It was a new format of events for us and it wouldn’t have happened without the most incredible team. Thank you to TradeHouse for taking care of the hair and make-up looks, Johanna Oden for styling the girls into superstars, Liisi Org for making them move like cats, DJ Sten Zeider for the party tunes, Aleksander Eeri Laupmaa for pointing the guests in the right direction and last but not least Janne Klooren of Stiilikanal for pulling it all together! Love you and couldn’t have done it without you!

Here’s the gallery from our very special evening. Photos by Kalev Lilleorg, Johanna Oden & Karmen Alamets. Video by Roman Burkovski.
Thank you everyone who came and made it so memorable!

Between the Sheets: Marii

‘’Between the sheets’’ is an honest series on our blog where we bring together KS lingerie worn by real ladies,
lots of girl-talk & some of their beauty tips & tricks.
This editorial took it’s sheets to the beach as our star is total Sun child. Meet mermaid Marii, who seem to love the sea more than indoors and whose energy and openness make you feel you have known each other from childhood. Between the Sheets series location for this editorial is sea side as Marii is one of those crazy Estonians who do cold swims for fun.

Photos taken by Johanna Oden.


Have you ever got into a funny or awkward lingerie situation?
On my Uni graduation day I travelled to Tallinn from my hometown for hairdressers and was planning to get dressed at the salon and head straight to the main event. The fabric of my dress needed completely seamless underwear.. long story short I forgot to take the right lingerie and by the time i realised it was too late – I had to go commando. I will forever remember my moms face when she realised I wasn’t wearing anything underneath when she hugged me after the ceremony. “I know you’re a free spirit, but here!? really!?”

Manifestation for the future. Where would you be if you could at this moment?
Either in Ruhnu – one of my favourite hideaways in Estonia or in the middle of the Red Sea with no reception – diving.

What do you love about your body? Anything special you’re doing for it this year?
I love that my body is always guiding me through life situations. Either a relationship or a stressful period at work.. she always gives me signs when to back off or when she’s happy. I have learned to love every single thing about my body. This year I’m also taking action whenever she gives me signs – i truly listen to her & it feels more and more like a true friendship.

Share your favourite comfort-food recipe?
OatFit bread from Leiburi toasted – I add vegan mayo from Salvest, a smashed avocado. On top I cut open one free range boiled egg (5 minutes!) I add some more mayo, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Couple of drops of olive oil et voilà.

Song to always dance along to?
Walk in the room by Jackson Englund and TÂCHES & Blinding lights by The Weekend.
Anything that gets energy flowing, hips moving and makes me feel a bit cheeky. Cheeky or badass.


Marii is wearing Kriss Soonik Pia Reversible Bikini top

Marii wears Kriss Soonik beachwear. Explore here.



Summer Sale Picks

Once again it’s time for our semi-annual super sale! Take the opportunity to get 30%, 50%, even 70% off our collections.
All our pieces have been made in our Tallinn Studio from the finest materials. Many of these pieces are unique and come in limited quantities, so once they are gone, they are gone forever.
Below we made a list of our favourites in the current sale.


Katwoman Print

Our unique print RTW line is first time on sale! The range is ideal for Summer dresses and beach cover-ups. The Katwoman pattern, born in collaboration with our illustrator Kati Stimmer, was printed on the sustainable Tencel fabric in Portugal. A fabric that´s ideal to mix and match with our lingerie-inspired items.


Honey Gold Velvet

When you’re slowly already thinking about your Autumn wardrobe, then this is the range to grab now! A mix of RTW and lingerie, you can get the best of both worlds. The deep colour mixed with the soft velvet fabric, is a divine combination.


Classic Lace

A very small part of our Classics collection makes it to the sale. Why? Because they are our bestsellers and they are gone before they ever make it to that phase. But every now and then we will have some colours that we can treat you with. At the moment it must be Grey and Shocking Pink. Very last pieces left!


Archive Pieces

These are the items that you surely won´t find anywhere else anymore. Whether it´s the Kristiina Suspender T-shirt in Purple, the Furry Suspender Top in Black or the Eva Suspender Belt in Yellow, these pieces are the core of Kriss Soonik. Exciting finds in limited sizes and quantities.

Check out the full sale here!

Summer 21 backstage

Last week our fabulous team in Estonia shot the brand new Summer/Autumn 21 (yes, we have created our own seasonal shift from the norm 🙂 ) campaign and look book. Here we are taking you behind the scenes to this day filled with splashing around with water.

The message of the campaign is clear. With the hot weather arriving, there´s more public attention on our bodies. The campaign, shot through the glass water containers, is a gentle reminder to be less critical of ourselves. The way we see our bodies is never the way other people see it. Everything is upside down and inside out. Let´s not be cruel to ourselves. Let´s be kind and rock on!

Huge thanks to everyone who brought the concept alive. Sandra Palm for the photos, Johanna Oden for styling and set design, Mammu for makeup and hair, Merilin for being the most gorgeous model as always. A special shout-out to our newest team member Karmen Alamets who took all these behind the scenes photos.


It’s not very often that our long-term customer, the one and only Courtney Love promotes our bras on British Vogue FB page. But she is not the only satisfied client. When you find the right fit, you don’t want to take our bras off.
So we decided to put together a guide how to choose your Kriss Soonik bra.


We have 3 main bra styles – Silvia, Alison & Piret. When Silvia is more for the A & B cups, then Alison fits best on a B & C and Piret is perfect for a C or D cup. All bras are made from our Classic French lace, have the signature wide elastic underbust and are decorated with satin box bows in the front. Both with the Alison & Piret Bra, even though they are soft cup bras they still fit comfortably on bigger busts. The adjustable wide straps along with the elastic offer great support and the cuts really compliment a fuller chest. As with everything else, these delicate bras are handmade in our Tallinn studio.



How to measure your bra size?

The best is to come to our Tallinn Studio and together we´ll find the perfect bra for you. Alternatively, visit one of our stockists to find the right fit. Otherwise, find a mirror and let´s go:

Firstly measure the circumference of the bust at the highest point. Notice that the tape measure should be in contact with the skin. It is also important that the tape is at the same height both in front and behind. Remember the number you got – for future reference we advise you to write it down. After you have measured your bust it is time to do the same with your underbust. Measure your body circumference under the bust, the place where the bra ends. Once the underbust circumference has been measured (and written down), find the range where your bust and underbust size fits. Our size range is only from XS to L but one model fits better to cup A and the other to cup D. You can find the full measurements here.


There are also a couple of things you should notice when wearing a bra:

“The bra cup is too small”

If your bust peeks out from the sides or top of the cup, the bra cup is too small. There should not be any extra bulge. The transition between your décolleté and the bra should be as segue as possible. Another sign of a too small cup is when the bra squeezes your armpit. This should not be the case as ideally your entire bust should fit into the cups perfectly. Additionally if the bra is not against your skin between your bust, the cup size is too small. We have added the wide elastic underband for a practical reason – so it would offer subtle support.

If any of these mentioned problems concern you, we advise you to change your bra to a bigger cup bra. So if you previously tried our Silvia bra then perhaps Alison (or even Piret) would be a better choice for you. In case the problem occurred when trying our Alison bra, we suggest trying on the bra Piret. This way the girth will stay the same but the cup size would suit you better.

Kriss Soonik Lace Bra illustration Kati Stimmer

“The bra cup is too big”

When the cup material is wrinkled but the band fits well you have chosen a bra with too big cups. We encourage you to try on other KS bra models. So if you were currently trying on the Piret bra (which is perfect for a C or D cup), you could now try on Alison or Silvia. Alison fits best on a B & C cup and Silvia is more for an A & B cup.

Kriss Soonik Silvia and Maike Bras

“The band is too small”

In case the band cuts into your body and hurts you, the bra band is too small. The band should be tight but not distressing. Bear in mind that as you go up with band size, the cup size should go down (and vice versa). Therefore you might have to change the bra model such as the cup size would be perfect for your bust.

“The band is too big”

If the band behind your back is pulled up, the band size is too big and the shoulder straps too short. You could firstly try to extend the straps. When the back is still pulled up you should try on bras with bigger sizes. If the bra is too loose, try to shorten the shoulder straps a bit. If you can pull the strap more than 5 cm, you are wearing a bra that is too big. You can also try to reduce the belt with hooks if the bra is too loose BUT. Keep in mind the fastenings should initially be on the widest hook because the bra stretches after wearing it. Therefore we suggest you try on a smaller bra.

Kriss Soonik Piret & Alison Bras

“The shoulder straps are too loose”

When the shoulder straps slide down they are too loose. There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly they might not be as tightened as they should be. Adjust them a little bit. In case you can adjust the straps more than 5 cm, the bra is too big. There is also a possibility the straps have lost their elasticity. This means only one thing – time for a new bra! 🙂

Kriss Soonik Silvia Lace Bra illustration Kati Stimmer

“The shoulder straps are too tight”

If the band behind your back is pulled up or the straps cut into the shoulders, chances are the straps are too tight. Slightly adjust the straps. Ideally the band should be at the same height both in front and behind. If this makes the bra too loose, the band is too big.

And remember. We make every bra with love and dedication. So if you ever have a broken hook or clasp, or there is something else that’s bothering you, please contact us and we’ll do everything to fix it for you for free. We want you to wear your favourite bra as much and as long as possible.


Hottest Spring Trend – Bra tops

Bratop trend SS21 celine victoria beckham altuzarra celine

One of the hottest trends of Spring 2021 that keeps popping up everywhere is bra tops. Or as Elle UK calls them – brops.
This has been our speciality since we launched the brand in 2009. For us it´s always been about bras that are cool enough to show off and not just hide under layers of clothes.

Fashion´s love affair with bras is nothing new, it´s been around for ages. From corsets to a peeking bra strap to bras under sheer blouses. But this trend is a bit different.
It´s more mature, a bit sporty. It´s not meant for seducing anyone. It´s about feeling comfortable and not really giving a damn. When matching the bra with high-waisted jeans and a smart blazer you can dress it up or down as you wish.

Kriss Soonik Bratop Trend

One of the best pieces to try out this trend with is our Ilona Velvet Bra. It´s sporty, has all the right detailing and is easy to style. You can also try our brand new Krista Bra Top, the nice sheen of the fabric adds a touch of elegance to the look.

But our top tip when it comes to bra tops? If you are uncomfortable wearing them in public, we hear you! Why not try a bikini top instead? Our Ilona, Meg or Pia bikini tops are just perfect to give the trend a go. They are meant to be worn out, so why not on the city streets?


Bratop SS 21 trend Ilona Bikini


Between the Sheets: Kreete, Liisa-Chrislin & Sinencia

‘’Between the sheets’’ is an honest series on our blog where we bring together KS lingerie worn by real ladies,
lots of girl-talk & some of their beauty tips & tricks.
Meet Liisa-Chrislin – multitalent creating crazy looks with her make-up & styling skills, Kreete – stylist & owner of the coolest vintage shop in Estonia & Sinencia – aka Yasmin is a new generation singer-songwriter who lures people into her world with beautiful music & strong storytelling. Between the Sheets series was honoured to capture the power group at the Telegraaf Hotel in Tallinn old town just in time for Valentines. Or should we say Galentines?
Photos taken by Johanna Oden.


Here´s a quick chat with Liisa-Chrislin.
Have you ever got into a funny or awkward lingerie situation?

Wanted to perform “Lady Marmelade” at my school dance competition wearing sexy lingerie at the tender age of 13. Teachers cancelled our performance & we were super pissed off. Today I´m kind of happy they did 😅

Things that have happened in your life thanks to the support of friendship?
EVERYTHING! Friendship is more valuable than anything else in this world.

Manifestation for the future. Where would you like to be at this moment?
I like to keep things unpredictable so I´ll skip this manifestation & see where the ride takes me 🎢

A song to always dance along to?
Any afrobeat banger puts me in the mood.



Top 5 of 2020

Every year I pick the 5 most memorable moments of the year. Even though the year 2020 has been weird and surreal in so many ways, there are so many things to be grateful for. So here we go!


Geisha Valentine’s

Our Valentine´s day collaboration with Finnish chocolate brand Geisha was definitely one of my favourites of the year. The launch event of the campaign was the first and last major event in our Tallinn Studio Store this year. Thank god we really made the most of it! The campaign featuring our special mini-collection in pink velour and chocolate brown lace graced many shopping malls and TV channels prior to the special day. Thanks so much Fazer Estonia for choosing us for this campaign!



TFW fashion show

We presented our new AW20 collection at virtual Tallinn Fashion Week in October. Like all of you, I wasn´t able to attend the show, which made the situation quite strange. After all, it was my show but I as well watched it online. So I´d like to thank my amazing team – models Merilin, Ellu, Aurelia, make-up artist Erle and assistant Susanna. But most of all Johanna – without you I would have been nothing this year! Thanks for bringing the show alive better than I would have!


Diana Wings Wrap

The reason we survived this tricky year was the need for comforting comfy stuff and so our loungewear started flying off the virtual shelves.The hero product of the year was hands down our Diana Wings Wrap. Alongside our Getter Wings Wrap and Wings Hoody, the trio rocked our world and helped us through the roughest of times. They have been our best-selling products for awhile but this year was designed for them.


Abstracat Tulle

Bringing new fabrics to our collections is the most exciting and nerve-wrecking thing for me. This Autumn we introduced a new tulle to the collections called Abstracat. The pattern on the soft tulle looks like abstract splashes of velvet paint with our Cat logo and KS initials hidden in there. And then my ultimate favourite product became alive – Abstracat Jacket. The combination of velour and tulle in just the right quantities, wearing it with a pair of jeans and t-shirt is my go to look for a long time!



Our customers

Like so many other brands when lockdown hit I was not sure how we´ll survive. For a moment it really seemed like the end of the world. Maybe it’s stretching it a bit but it was definitely the end of the world as I knew it. No more easy travels to Tokyo or New York, my global world fell apart with a blink of an eye. I can´t explain how much I miss it! But when everything got really bad, our customer came to support us. I can´t explain how grateful I am for our community, the wonderful people who are willing to spend their hard-earned cash on our products. I can only promise to bring you even more exciting stuff in the year 2021 and make you smile with our designs.
Thank you! ❤️

Kriss xx


Gift Guide 2020

#krissmas returns also in 2020! Let us introduce you the buzz words from our collections this holiday season.

Kriss Soonik Gift Guide


Velvety Dreams

From smooth velvet lingerie to the comfy velour dressing gowns, velvety is definitely the strongest word in our gift guide this year.

Kriss Soonik Gift Guide Velvet


Original Abstracat

Our new signature tulle fabric with splashes of velvet paint is our pick for a bold and fashion-forward gift.

Kriss Soonik Gift Guide Party Outfit Abstracat


The Classics

There are some things that never go out of style. Like our Kristel Turtleneck Suspender Top. It´s a must-have for a reason.

Kriss Soonik Gift Guide Suspender Top


KS x Toku Sandals

Grooving in your living room is the new going out. So add a pair of woollen socks to our leather sandals and dance the night away.

Kriss Soonik Gift Guide Suspender Top TOKU Sandals


Gift cards

Can´t decide? There´s no shame in slipping a Kriss Soonik gift card under the Christmas tree. Choosing something for myself after getting gifts for everyone else sounds very refreshing.

Kriss Soonik Gift Guide Suspender Top Gift Card Sleeping Mask Cat