Meet the Zodiacats

A few years ago we launched our Katwoman Alphabet T-shirts. This project turned out to be hugely successful. We have all loved how cute, sexy and fun these characters created by illustrator Kati Stimmer really are, finding new nuances in the drawings every time we glimpse at them.

Kriss Soonik Katwoman zodiac t-shit



Ever since that launch we have been thinking what could be the next step in the semi-customized range? After all the main point of these shirts is that you can pick your initial which makes it personal and fun.
So please let me introduce you – Katwoman Zodiac T-shirts.

Kriss Soonik Katwoman zodiac t-shirt


You can now pick your zodiac sign from our brand new Katwoman range. Printed on a comfy organic cotton T-shirt, these cute designs are waiting to be shown off. I love how the message of the illustrations is hidden. You can choose your sign but you can also wear a design just because you like it. We didn’t write Leo or Aries in big bold letters on purpose. That’s for you to explore.

Kriss Soonik Katwoman zodiac t-shirt


Share the love

So Johanna asked what is my quarantine life like. To be honest, to us it´s “business as usual”. If you have a 1 year old and you’re already working from home, life is pretty much living in quarantine. But now daddy´s home as well.

Kriss working from home with her son Karl


At first the lockdown was a huge shock, I got really worried and stressed. I´m a planner, so if I don´t know how long this is going to last, it makes me anxious. But then I stopped reading the news and focused on the good stuff. Yes, being in London, not knowing when I get to see my parents again, who are back in Estonia, made me sad. But there is internet and our daily calls keep the spirits up on both sides. We go for walks and spend time as a family.

I did question the need for our brand’s existence. “Why do people need another fashion brand in a time like this?”. What I realised was that now more than ever we need beauty, originality and fun around us. We need good design, music and dance.
We need pretty distractions.
Right now our superpower is making women smile. This is what we have done from the very beginning. When I started Kriss Soonik in 2009 during the economic crisis, we got the attention because we were bold and we stood out. In times like these we need less. When we buy new clothes, let´s be mindful and buy something that will really make us smile, that will help us be better versions of ourselves. Let´s support originality, sustainability and good design.

What do I want to achieve during this lockdown? I promise not to be lazy. I promise to design, design, design. So that you can have the coolest and most beautiful pieces to wear in Autumn and Winter.

As a thank you for your ongoing support we are sharing the love this weekend and giving 20% off everything
on our website with code: LOVE.
Thank you to our customers and fans all over the world. Can´t wait to see you again 🙂

Kriss xx

Kriss Soonik 20% off sale


SS20 moodboard

As we are getting closer to unveiling our Spring/Summer 2020 collection,
we wanted to introduce you to the colour of the season – blue.

The collection has different types of blue hues – pale blue, denim blue and navy. The latter has already launched on our website
in the form of a ribbed jersey bra, knickers and a suspender T-shirt.

Why blue? It´s the sea, the sky, everything light and airy. Combined with our white swimwear that´s due to launch in April,
it´s the perfect Summer´s day. The kind you never want to end.
So we have put together an inspiration board to already get you in the mood.

Kriss Soonik SS20 moodboard blue


Between the sheets: Laura

‘’Between the sheets’’ is a new honest series on our blog where we bring together KS lingerie worn by real ladies,
lots of girl-talk & some of their beauty tips & tricks.
Meet Laura – working at PR & mother of a cat-sized dog Pluto. She is a warm soul who loves taking care of others.


Have you ever got into a funny or awkward lingerie situation?
As I tend to be in a hurry very often, it might happen that I wear my underwear inside out 🙃

What do you love about your body? Anything special you’re doing for it this year?
Like all, so have I insecurities about my body image. Lately, on a far more meaningful level than this paragraph can incorporate, I have come to realise that more important than the visual which your body represents, is the gratitude for it. Gratitude for being there for you every day and hopefully letting you live the best life. This year I promise to love my body even more!

Name a beauty product or trick you brought with you to the new year.
My all time favorite beauty product is the Estonian made Naude Naturals all vegan deo paste.

Favorite song of the month:
Seinabo Sey – Shores



Laura wore:
Alison Lace Bra – Grey, Ellu Striped Velvet Body – Black, Katwoman Initial T-Shirt, Susan Lace Knickers – Grey,
Ilona Modal Bra – Grey, Ellu Modal Knickers – Grey


Valentines with Geisha

This Valentine’s day we present you a minicollection and campaign with my all time favourite Finnish chocolate brand Geisha.

Geisha girl


The collection is feminine, sweet & romantic, inspired by everlasting friendships. The Diana Heart Wrap and Heart Sweatshirt come in pink velour with chocolate trims and lace. There is a brand new lace top in town – Janne. The pink and chocolate tops come in very limited quantities.


The Valentine’s campaign is pink, the colour of Geisha, infused with Japanese cherry blossoms. It took a few days to build the floral skirt to perfection by our stylist extraordinaire Johanna. But it was worth the time as the result was pretty amazing. The campaign was produced by our usual partners in crime, the Kriss Soonik squad girls, who proved again that they rock! Thank you Sandra, Gerda, Getter, Kadri, Johanna, DDB & Geisha!


Winter SALE picks

It´s time for our semi-annual super sale! Take the opportunity to get up to 50% off our past collections.
These pieces are unique and come in limited quantities.
Here are some of our favourite styles from the current sale.


Wings Sweatshirts

It’s not very often that you’ll find our velour Wings on sale. The handcrafted lace wings make these sweatshirts one of a kind
and a cool must for your wardrobe.

kriss soonik wings sweatshirts


Black cat and heart tulle

Transparency is our thing. The Black Cat tulle Susan top and Susan body from our anniversary collection are really rare sale finds.
Add the Heart Tulle lingerie and you have the best of the see-through category covered.

kriss soonik sale picks


Red Velvet

Let’s get one thing straight – red is not just for Christmas. The beautiful deep red velvet lingerie and suspender jumper are sure
to brighten up the dark January days, and nights.

kriss soonik red velvet lingerie


TOP 5 of our 10 years

2020 will bring a fresh new start to Kriss Soonik. Throughout 2019 we have been celebrating our 10th anniversary. I have now looked back at our first decade and highlighted 5 of my top moments. There were so many to choose from. Every year we reached at least a couple of milestones or fulfilled some of my dreams. But these are definitely the ultimate best moments for the Kriss Soonik brand.


CoolBrands 2013/14

In 2013 we got hit by the best and most unexpected newsKriss Soonik was chosen to be one of the coolest brands in Britain. This was my big dream that I never thought could be possible. Being on the list gave us credibility on a completely new level and opened us doors all over the world.


Golden Needle 2014

Another big win came soon after we found out about being on the CoolBrands list – winning the most prestigious fashion award in Estonia – the Golden Needle (Kuldnõel). Being awarded Best Designer of the Year was an honour that I cherish every day.


Tallinn Studio Store Opening 2017

From the very beginning we have manufactured all our collections in my native country Estonia. I´m truly proud that we have been able to continue doing it over the years. But the turning point came when we moved our manufacturing in-house when we opened our first studio store in Tallinn. The incredible 200 sq meter space with high white ceilings is immaculate. Well worth a visit in the new year.


Tokyo La Foret Pop-up 2018

Japan was my dream market even before I started my label. I knew our style would be a great fit for the Japanese ladies. When we started selling our collections in Tokyo in 2013, it showed that my instinct had been right. We have had many pop-up shops and events over the years but for me the pop-up at the La Foret department store in Harajuku was the ultimate destination. A “wow, can it be real?” moment that I keep re-living over and over again. Thank you Yoshiko 🙂


Amostyle x Kriss Soonik collaboration 2019

Beginning of this year the collaboration with Amostyle by Triumph in Japan was launched. It was a project long in the making and when it finally hit the shops, the result was perfect. I loved every single style in this collection and it was so much fun doing it with with the entire Amostyle team from Honk Kong to Japan.


I would like to thank everyone who made the first 10 years unforgettable. A special thank you goes to our customers for being so kick-ass. Thank you so much and here´s to many more years! Rock on!



We have reached the last item in our “10 years, 10 items” series. Just in time for the holiday season we present you our best-selling Diana Wings Wrap.

diana wings wrap illustration


Every year we bring the velour wrap back in new colours, next to the classic black. But this year we decided to relaunch two of our all time favourites – navy and grey – next to the very fresh bright yellow.

kriss soonik diana wings wrap


The Wrap came to life in 2010. The idea was to create a comfortable dressing gown with a hint of lace glamour. I also wanted to create something that didn’t need to be hidden in your home. Diana Wings Wrap is equally perfect for a Sunday brunch in a cafe. It’s so much more than just a dressing gown.

kriss soonik diava wings wrap


Diana Wings Wrap has kimono sleeves, a removable satin belt and is made from the cosiest, softest velour.The French lace wings are made completely by hand in our Tallinn studio. Our seamstress extraordinaire Ilona has become quite a master in sculpting them over the years.

It comes in one size, making it the perfect present. And even better, we’re offering complimentary monogramming on the sleeve.

#krissmas gift guide

Christmas is just around the corner and now´s the time to find special gifts for your loved ones. We have put together our favourites of the year. Hope you´ll find your favourite too!


If you´re looking for something extra special and romantic, then a set of lingerie is something to go with. Yes, finding the right size can be tricky but with our pieces in small, medium, large it´s easier to get it right.

Kriss Soonik gift guide lingerie

1. Riti Velvet Bra – Red
2. Emily Velvet Knickers – Red
3. Ilona Velvet Bra – Grey
4. Emily Velvet Knickers – Grey
5. Alison Lace Bra – Grey
6. Maike Lace Knickers – Grey
7. Silvia Lace Bra – Black


Feeling comfy at home is one nice mission to have. Our loungewear is perfect for that! We have many new pieces in the collection. The special one to point out is the long-sleeved Getter Wings Wrap for all those future cozy evenings.

Kriss Soonik gift guide loungewear

1. Dee Trousers – Navy
2. Cat Sleeping Mask – Black
3. TOKU x Kriss Soonik Sandals – Black
4. Getter Wings Wrap – Navy
5. Wings Sweatshirt – Yellow
6. Heart Sweatshirt – Grey
7. Wings Sweatshirt – Red
8. Wings Sweatshirt – Pink
9. Wings Sweatshirt – Black


If by now you didn´t know that we also have clothing, not just lingerie and loungewear in our collections then this is the right time to explore it. We have some beautiful velvet dresses and suspender tops that will make a fab outfit for the New Year Eve´s party!

Kriss Soonik gift guide reaty to wear

1. Diana Wings Hoodie – Navy
2. Nele Velvet Dress – Pink
3. Nele Velvet Dress – Black
4. Nele Velvet Dress – Grey
5. Sandra Suspender Dress – Black
6. Katwoman Suspender T-shirt – White


HTW: Christmas Party

The party season is knocking on our door. It’s the time of the year, when you can go extra sparkly, extra shiny and just extra everything! We have put together 3 outfits that hopefully inspire your looks this festive season.


The mini dress
Just when you thought our Katwoman Print Mini Dress was only for warm Summer days… Surprise! Combined with black tights and a glitter turtleneck top this look is giving us real 60s party vibes. Add an on-trend headband and some hoops, and you’ll be a proper diva.

Kriss Soonik how to wear katwoman print dress

Kriss Soonik how to wear katwoman print dress


Cozy chic
Not the traditional type? Not into party norms? Then go wild with all the atypical elements. In this outfit we have combined our Susan Black Cat Tulle Top, Ilona Swimsuit and brand new Dee Velour Trousers. The ultimate festive Sporty Spice look.

Kriss Soonik how to wear swimsuit to a party

Kriss Soonik how to wear velour sweatpants to a party


Luscious lace
Showing off your bra is so 2020. When covered with lace and matched with velvet, it´s chic and beautiful. To spice up a classic lace look, we added a vintage hat and massive red earrings. Also adding a little bit of Christmas spirit will never hurt this strong look.

Kriss Soonik how to wear velvet skirt

Kriss Soonik how to wear grey lace bodysuit