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Wedding Belles

With the wedding season kicking-in, it’s the perfect time to show off our beautiful bridal selection. From lingerie to lounge to ready-to-wear we’ve got pieces suitable for the entire bridal party for every wedding-related event.



From the traditional bride to someone who prefers their special day to be a little more rock-n-roll – we’ve got you all covered. Our classic luxurious French lace Silvia & Maike set will be the perfect hidden layer. Whilst the Diana Wings Wrap will be there to cover you during all the important preparations. And don’t forget, we can get it monogrammed for you for free.



Being a bridesmaid can be a lot of responsibility so you´ve got to relax and enjoy yourself when getting ready for the wedding. Dress comfy but dress with style in our Wings Sweatshirt or the new Heart Wrap while enjoying a glass of bubbly. And then turn up the glamour factor and wear the Susan Lace Top with an A-line skirt, killer heels and a big smile to the party.



Tried and tested pieces that will get you noticed for all the right reasons. Pille Lace Top has a romantic feel to it. Pair it with a pencil skirt or tuxedo style pants for a modern tailored look. Kristel Polo Tank Top is the perfect piece to take you from day to night. Wear it with a sleek blazer and a pleated skirt. Don’t forget to finish your look with Kriss Soonik x Toku Sandals.

The Rebel Bride

Spring is here. Summer is not far (yay!). This means only one thing – wedding season has started. Last weekend we went to a gorgeous Irish wedding (congratulations John and Jeanne) and this weekend our best friends are getting married in London. So really, it´s full on.

We want to make all blushing brides happy and so have re-launched our White Classics. I think these pieces are meant for unconventional brides. Women who don´t care about the rules and break them whenever possible. This also means that you don´t really have to get married to wear white. We’ll soon have glowing tans on our faces and white will surely be a perfect match.

Enjoy the white season!




Rainbow of Bras

Last year as a 5th birthday surprise we brought back all the different colours of lace we had worked with over the years in our best-selling Silvia Bra and Maike Knickers styles. A total of 7 colours – Naughty Navy, Sunset Orange, Electric Blue, Shocking Pink, Powder Pink, Sunshine Yellow, Midnight Black.

The line proved to be so popular that we re-launched it this year as part of our Classics collection.

Sonera Dancer

There is also a new addition to the lace bra and knickers family – Honeymoon White. A gorgeous, feminine all white combination to freshen up your Spring lingerie wardrobe and to welcome the wedding season. Check it out on our website now.


Kriss’s Top 5 – March

As this year´s wedding season is fastly approaching, I decided to share my experience from last year to everyone who wants to be their own wedding planner.

I was determined to do it myself. Not only because I am a control freak. Not at all. Firstly, because I love organizing events. This is what I used to do a lot before starting my own label and sometimes I miss it. Secondly, because it felt like a very nice thing to do for a change – throw a big party to friends and family and to ourselves. No business involved. Purely to feed our souls.

But of course the road was bumpy. At some point I felt like I had overrated my capabilities and it was impossible to organize a wedding while running a start-up business. Luckily that point passed and I felt confident again. Here are 5 of my wedding planning tips that I learnt on this journey.


1) Wedding is not like any other party – If you´re organizing your birthday your parents will never ask what type of chairs you´ll have or how many relatives you´re inviting. After all, birthdays come and go and weddings are “once in a lifetime” events. You screw up with birthday food, that´s fine, next year you´ll get better food. But try to screw up with your wedding food. Ouch. You have to report to many close people along the way and that doubles your work. Even if you´re doing something low-key. But my tip here is to think of yourself and your partner. What do you want? It´s your wedding, it has to have your personality.
If you like it, go for it.


2) Get a support group – even if you do it yourself you can’t do it alone. On top of our families, we had 2 amazing people involved towards the end of the planning stage. One in charge of set-up & decorations and other making sure everything ran smoothly on the day. If you refuse to get help before, then at least you need someone on the day. You don´t want guests to come and ask you where to put their dirty dishes. I was still moving chairs 10 pm the night before but just because I enjoyed it not because I had to. On the wedding day I couldn´t care less. We had pre-planned everything to the smallest detail and I trusted the people helping me. Plus a little surprise might be fun.


3) Don’t give up on your imagination – if you have an idea, if you have a dream, go for it and do it. It can be quite disheartening to find out that something is way too expensive or impossible to find. Trust me, keep looking, keep dreaming and you´ll find a solution. We had a terrible problem with chairs, I didn´t want the classic white-covered conference chairs. No way. But that´s basically all that was out there. So in the end we gathered 120 chairs from friends and family. Every single one unique and special. Yes, it was an extra hassle but we got what we wanted.


4) Negotiate – mention the word wedding & the prices triple. You can do stuff at quite low budgets as long as you are willing to put your heart and soul into it. Whenever I sent an email, I said we were throwing a garden grill party (after all that was our theme). People don´t usually have wedding budgets for their picnics. Plus as a bonus, companies won´t start pushing the traditional wedding stuff at you when you don’t mention the word.


5) Have fun organizing – if you don’t enjoy it, get help. The pre-wedding time is the time of your life. Looking back a lot of fond memories of the wedding were related to that stage. The day itself will pass really quickly. After that you’re married. So just enjoy the ride!

See more of The Big Day on our Pinterest Wedding Board and read the post about how the outfit came together here.

Behind the Scenes: SS15 Moodboard

New year, new collection. Here are some of the things that influenced the Spring Summer 2015 collection.

SS15 collection has been inspired by the duality of ballet – the softness of the dancers outfits and the perceived easiness of the movements vs the powerful technical precision of the dance.

Our favourite of the season is the new Snakeskin mesh lingerie and loungewear in Black. The “it” item being the Snakeskin Trousers with cutout details on the hips – just the right amount of sexy.

White Wedding
I designed the collection while organising my wedding, so of course I had a massive white phase. It definitely influenced the SS15 collection as well. White Ribbed Jersey and Fishnet ranges will launch in March for all blushing brides.

Naughty vs Nice
It’s all about playing with extremes. Dainty beige-orange French Lace injects a pop of colour, black Snakeskin Mesh brings on a strong play with texture whilst Ribbed Jersey & Fishnet in white add a bridal touch to the collection. Balancing the cute with sexy is kind of our thing.

Click to see the first arrivals of the SS15 collection in our boutique.

All images via Pinterest

A Day as a Hippy Mermaid

Planning my wedding has been one of the most enjoyable things I have ever done in my life. Thank you to my husband for this opportunity! Yes, it was stressful at times but with such amazing people around me luckily I didn´t turn into a Bridezilla. Here´s a little insight into how my outfit came together for this special day.

I had never imagined myself wearing a puffy, whipped cream cake-like wedding dress. It was always going to be something simple. As you probably know I am a fan of quirky details, so while I knew the wedding dress would be simple, I also knew it had to have something that made it really special.


The idea of trousers was generated by my mother while we were going through heaps of fashion magazines (yes, fashion, not bridal magazines). My husband claims he remembers me from highschool when I was 14. He was then 18 years old. Sounds romantic, but I think he only remembers my cool wide Wrangler jeans that I got from a second hand shop, not me. So definitely the choice of wide palazzo pants was a bit symbolic. And a complete surprise to him.

Our signature Silvia Lace Bra in Honeymoon White was quite a last minute addition. From day to day I live in the Silvia style, so to make it more special, we customized the edges with small white pearls. These pearls turned out to be my only touch of jewellery. In all honesty I was really happy with the choice of wedding lingerie – no push up, no wires, it was incredibly comfortable and didn´t harrass me in any way. I forgot I was wearing it.


The gorgeous pink hat once belonged to my great-great-great-grandmother who brought it from her first ever international trip to New York. The year was 1970 and she was 86 years old. Initially the hat was much brighter but we spray painted it to make it more subtle and lighter.

As the whole wedding was by the sea on small rocks and grass, it proved much harder to find the right shoes. They had to be wedges to survive the big day. After a lot of research I found the perfect shoes in London by my favourite brand United Nude. I fell in love with them immeditely and will wear them many, many more times in the future I am sure.


Our guests entitled my bridal look as Hippy Mermaid. And I enjoyed every moment of being one! Such a shame that it´s a once in a lifetime thing…

Lots of love,
Kriss x