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Behind the Scenes: AW15 Moodboard. Vol.3

The newly launched Silk Velvet is our most luxurious range yet. The deep black fabric from England is truly sumptuous, combining toughness and elegance.

Inspired by black cats, the dark night and luxe living, the range is perfect from lounging in your living room to partying at Hotel Costes in Paris.


Whether it´s the top with suspender details, shorts with cut-outs on hips, or wings on the back of the dressing gown, all pieces have a little detail to them that makes them unique and immediately appealing.


Keep partying like it´s 2014

It´s been a crazy year. Like most years, so it´s not a real surprise. But this one has been very special. We celebrated our 5th anniversary and danced from Tokyo to Paris.

There was a lot of travelling (even when I´m writing this I am on a plane) but that´s what #KSWORLDTOUR was all about. I really wanted to get closer to our customers and meet all the incredible people that buy our products and support the brand around the world.

I got to: party on a snowy day at the gorgeous Journelle lingerie boutique in New York,

feel like a Western superstar at a glamorous soiree at the Opaque department store in Tokyo,

have a croissant and pain au chocolat breakfast at the Estonian Embassy in Paris, kris_paris_4.5

win the Fashion Designer of the Year award “Kuldnõel” in Tallinn, kuldnoel-2014-70011485

and dance with my favourite singer Marina & the Diamonds at our London party in the strikingly cool Ace Hotel.

And at all of these events I was surrounded by incredible people who root for us and motivate me to keep on going.

I want to say a huge, huge thank you to all our new and existing fans! Thank you for all your support and inspiration. I really hope that the energy you give me will bring even cooler, more gorgeous lingerie and loungewear (or loungerie) for next year. And I hope it will reach the hearts of many more women around the world.

Merry Christmas and a very Naughty New Year!
Kriss x

#Krissmas comes early

The countdown to Christmas is always so exciting, but equally stressful in our day and age. We want to make your life easier, and more fun, so this year we decided to bring you the #krissmas advent calendar to cheer you up. And motivate you to get the right gift on time for Christmas delivery.

Every day until the 24th December we have a new offer in our advent calendar. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to get all the daily deals.

And there is a cherry on top! Throughout this period if you share our image on Instagram with #krissmas and tag @krisssoonik, you´ll enter a drawing for a chance to win our best-selling signature Kristel Turtleneck Suspender Top! The winner will be announced on the 24th December 2014.

Kriss Soonik Kristel Turtleneck  Suspender Top

Your Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to our 2014 holiday gift guide! Yes, we also don´t know where the year has gone. And yes, we know how superbusy you´ve been all year. Therefore our team wants to make your life easier and the people around you happier, so we picked a selection of this year´s favourites and gathered them all into this guide. Hope it helps you finding the right gift for your loved one. Ladies, that also includes yourself by the way…

We know gifting lingerie can be tricky, so we picked out pieces that are less size sensitive but will make your gorgeous lady squeak of happiness.

Kristel Turtleneck Suspender Top is our best-selling piece for a reason. It´s versatility turns it from a regular top to a sexy boudoir piece in seconds. Match it with the Kristel Knickers for a full look.
Susan Motion Body, another one of our best-sellers is made of delicate French lace. The opening can be worn in the front or at the back making it a gorgeous multi-functional item.
And finally the Diana Wings Wrap that comes in one size and now with free monogramming, so you can get it personalised for your special lady.

If you´ve heard your friend talking about Kriss Soonik lingerie all year long, then now´s the time to make her dreams come true.

One of the coolest items in the collections is definitely the Kristel Polo T-Shirt – the mix of sporty and sexy makes it a really fun piece. A more glam choice would be the Susan Lace Top in black French lace. Or what about our signature Silvia Fishnet Bra in Black or Silvia Mesh Bra in Burgundy? Funky.

And while you´re already buying that gift for your friend, don´t forget to add something for yourself in that shopping cart…

It´s not a shame to get a gift for yourself every now and then. You´ve been working hard all year, and let´s face it, the only way you´ll get something you really want is when you do a lot of pre-work: hinting, showing images, hinting again, showing the actual thing, hinting again. Maybe the result is a success, maybe not. But here´s your chance to get something hassle free for yourself.

We have picked for you the Alison Lace Set in Lime Green with removable Marabou puffs exchangeable to satin bows, the cosy reversible Glitter Top & Glitter Shorts, and the sexy Susan Lace Top with Long Sleeves.

Get 20% off everything in our online boutique until 23/11/14 with code LONDONROCKS.

For any questions, we are always here to help with sizing, delivery and weather (yes, Kriss loves talking about the weather). Just email info@kriss-soonik.com.

Christmas comes early…

It´s this crazy time of the year again that really makes me want to hate Christmas (even though I am a sucker for it). My Twitter feed is full of marketing posts even from people that I wasn´t aware had anything to sell.

But what makes it even more scary is that I own a business and no doubt Christmas is the time you wait for the whole year. The constant battle in my head is how not to annoy people versus how to stay visible to customers and help them get the perfect gift.

So I take a deep breath, listen to Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’ and try to stay positive.

Because then I think, this is one of the few times a year (if not the only) when you make time to actually find out what your loved ones want. I am not even going to start explaining how luxurious lingerie and loungewear make a woman feel. The moment when you open the gift box and see something special in there, that is priceless. Men, I am sure you´ll agree that you´d like to see your lady sparkle like a star, so get her some gorgeous designer underwear. We have plenty.

On the other hand, I absolutely loved the Harvey Nichols ads. Finally, someone said out loud what most people actually think. Enough of the hinting that no-one gets. Let me please buy my own gifts! So ladies, we all know we have worked hard this year and it´s absolutely fine to treat ourselves this Christmas. Won´t look egoistic at all. Guaranteed.

How do I make it through the pre-Christmas madness then? Smile and think how to make my family and customers smile. Plus, it will all be over in less than a month.
Then we can start preparing for Christmas all over again.

I wish you a stress-free pre-Christmas time!


Underwear as Outerwear. What we wore to our press day?

Beginning of April we hosted our AW12 collection press day at The Lingerie Collective boutique. We shared the showroom (and a few glasses of bubbly) with four other amazing fashion-forward lingerie brands – Yes Master, Marlies Dekkers, Dirty Pretty Things and MC Lounge. Was great seeing familiar faces and first time visitors. Guests included Harper´s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, LOVE, Conde Nast International, myfashdiary.com…

We really felt that our twisted “underwear as outerwear” concept was finally getting across to editors and many of them left smitten with our cool dressing gowns. You can take a look above at what Kriss and Gaia wore to the busy day showcasing the loungerie look.

Thanks to everyone who came and hope to see you all soon!

That pink fluffy dressing gown saga…

When I was 25 I found out in horror that I was still wearing a pink fluffy dressing gown with blue penguins. “Oh god, I am a lingerie designer creating gorgeous little underthings and I am wearing this thing at home?” But what can I do when I am not the silk gown wearing type? Not in the Autumn/Winter/Spring cycle at least. Then I love practical, comfortable and warm things.

I started looking around and found that there definitely wasn´t anything on the market that could satisfy my taste buds. And that´s when my dressing gown fetish started.

In search of that perfect gown, I met with other like-minded women and heard that they usually had 2 gowns – a luxurious silk satin gown for seducing someone or greeting the postman (often the same thing) and the embarrassing fluffy one that no-one´s allowed to see but you. But what happens when it´s cold and you want to seduce someone? Or when the postman comes when you´re wearing the wrong gown?

And seduction aside, what about me? If I’m wearing stylish clothes outside, why on earth should I change into something boring or fluffy and pink with hearts on at home? Why can’t I go home and put on something that extends the aesthetic pleasure, being soft and comfortable at the same time? The answer at that time was simple – there really just wasn´t anything on the market! All velour gown manufacturers wanted to turn women into these cute adorable creatures that had to wear a sign “I love lollipop” on the back.

And that´s how the first Diana Patent Wrap (as seen on the image) was born.

But now the cherry on top. Many friends and customers have shyly asked whether it would be ok to wear our gowns outside. The answer is: of course! That´s the beauty of the whole concept. These wraps, gowns, coats (whatever we call them) are multi-functional items. You can wear them as innerwear, outerwear, you name it. And right now is the best weather to take them out for a walk!

Enjoy the lovely Spring!
Kriss x

If you have any stories or ideas how to help us on the journey giving the boring old gown a fresh new twist, email kriss@kriss-soonik.com. We´d love to hear from you!