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Meet the Marketing Director of our favourite US lingerie chain Journelle – Allison Beale. Allison has been a supporter of the brand since day one and always a massive inspiration to us!

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I’m into wine, food, lingerie and music…in that order. I’m a New Yorker by way of North Carolina, lover of the beach, spontaneous dance parties, late night chats and live music. Mom to Frank the cat. I’ve been in fashion or lingerie PR for as long as I can remember. And while I live for lovely lacy things, I would gladly cheat on lingerie with food + wine 😉
Récemment mis à jour3Who’s your style crush?
Lauren Hutton. She just has this ease and elegance to her style – the clothes she wears, how she moves in them, the pairing of the unexpected. You can tell she’s comfortable in her own skin and dresses to accentuate that.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
My grandmother told me to always smile when I answer the phone because the people on the other end of the line would hear it in my voice.

Top 3 favourite places in NYC.
There are too many to name only three! Here goes…Balthazar is perfect just about any time of the day. I go every Monday morning for a cappuccino and almond croissant and I’ve celebrated my birthday there the last seven years. Dell’anima, a cozy little nook in the west village is my favorite spot for pasta. It means “of the soul” and the bolognese is to die for, plus they have a killer wine list. I shop the Union Square Greenmarket 2-3 times a week. Wednesday mornings are the absolute best.
Récemment mis à jour4

On a Saturday night we would find you… at dinner with friends. Sometimes cooking it for them.

What’s your personal favorite piece from Kriss’s collections and why?

The Kristel Suspender top in black – it’s a wardrobe staple for me. It’s both thoughtfully sexy and approachable – a classic.
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USA Visual Diary

Last week I visited the Big Apple. I was blessed with beautiful spring sunshine which made the trip to one of my favourite cities even more enjoyable. From busy Manhattan business meetings to relaxed Brooklyn dinners, here’s a little picture gallery I managed to put together while there.





Kriss´s Top 5 – New York

To end the New York month in our #ksworldtour we bring you Kriss´s favourites from the city.

Best “Coffice”
Being on the move means that it´s important to find comfortable cafés to put out email fires. Brooklyn is full of very cool “coffices” and one of my favourites is the Toby´s Estate Coffee in Williamsburg. Last time the soundtrack was so painfully good, and loud, that I had one of the best inspirational mornings ever. And trust me, I am usually not very creative in the mornings.

Camera Uploads
Toby´s Estate, 125 N 6 St (b/w Bedford & Berry)

Mani-pedi NY style
I am a bit of a tomboy when it comes to all girly and feminine beauty stuff. So no wonder that until 2 years ago I had never got a manicure. What changed? We were at Curve lingerie tradeshow when my fellow designers started asking for recommendations for a great manicure joint. They told me that if there is one thing that needs to be done in NY, it´s getting a good manicure. Apparently, it´s a New York thing. So I joined the cult and now it´s my ritual. Every time I´m in New York, I get a manicure at Top A Nails. And last time I even got a pedi. Progress.

At Top A Nails
Top A Nails, 137 Ave A, New York, NY 10009

The must visit lunch spot
One late afternoon I walked past a lovely little half empty café in Soho and instantly fell in love. The atmosphere was great, food delicious and staff friendly. I especially loved the uniformed barmen. But little did I know that I actually had landed in a real gem. The next day, on a sunny weekend afternoon I walked past the café again to find it absolutely packed and so popular that people were eating while sitting in front on the pavement. When I later asked recommendations for my blog post from locals they also recommended to go and visit Cafe Gitane. So turns out I wasn´t the first to discover this amazing little restaurant in Soho.

Cafe Gitane
Cafe Gitane, 242 Mott Street, New York, NY 10012

Shop ´til you drop
There are 2 stores that I always visit in NY no matter what – Barneys and Opening Ceremony. Barneys is just Barneys, don´t think it needs any explanations.
But Opening Ceremony is literally the coolest shop in the world. I can spend hours there browsing the clothes and accessories. I love how they have made something so non-commercial so commercial. It´s an art I wish more stores acquired. Better be completely ridiculous than completely boring, right?

Opening Ceremony
Opening Ceremony, 35 Howard Street, New York, NY 10013
Barneys, 660 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10065

Travel essential
With the weirdest and coldest weather during my February stay in NY, the Kristel Turtle Neck Suspender Top proved yet again a must-have item. Here are 3 reasons why:

1) It´s black. Read: practical. When travelling, you want to feel comfortable and fuss-free.
2) The viscose fabric is treated with anti-pilling, so when you wear it, it won´t get the awful fabric baubles. The top looks also fantastic after countless washes.
3) Multiple ways of wearing it – you can get a chic meeting look with a pencil skirt and stockings, or you can go for a more casual, quirky look by leaving the suspenders hanging loosely on top of your trousers. You can also wear the keyhole detail in the front or at the back, opening up even more ways to wear it.

Kriss Soonik Turtle Neck Top

Inspirational Women – New York

Audrey Hepburn
Often when I start designing a new collection I think “What would Audrey wear?” I have loved her style since I was a little girl and she has influenced my personal style a lot. I think she would have rocked our black Kristel Turtle Neck Suspender Top. The Classic Lace Set and Elve Bra would have been brilliant in many of her movies. Elve Bra in “Paris When it Sizzles”? Perfect match.

Recently Updated1
Solange Knowles
Her style is just unbelievable! The colours, relaxed yet tailored, New York meets LA vibe. With her innate sense of style, she´d definitely know how to combine some of our more colourful “underwear as outerwear” styles into her wardrobe – Diana Wings Wrap in Red and Elve Body with Swarovski pearls. Not to mention all the colourful signature bras and knickers – I can see her mixing and matching.

Recently Updated2
Preetma Singh
One of the most original women I´ve ever met. The WSJ Mag Market Editor knows how to make green hair office friendly or how to dress down a plastic skirt. Just take a look at her blog and you´ll know what I´m talking about. She is the epitome of New York cool. She is our black fishnet girl – a fashionable mix of tough and sexy.

Recently Updated3
Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen
Inspirational for their actions and their style. Business women breaking all the fashion rules. If they asked me to collaborate on a lingerie line for The Row, I wouldn´t hesitate for a moment. They seem like two wicked and very hard working girls. Our black fishnet lingerie set and Helen Lace Wrap would go well with their strong yet girly style.