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Stockist Alert: Naughty Beauty in Tallinn

We caught up with Kirki Kubri who runs a cute lingerie boutique – our only permanent stockist in Estonia. Go check out their awesome selection just in time for Valentine’s 😉

Tell us a little bit about your boutique.

Ulakas Kaunitar (Naughty Beauty) is a naughty little lingerie store in the center of Tallinn, Pärnu mnt 36. Our boutique is for the modern woman and also for couples, to make the evenings more enjoyable.

We represent Kriss Soonik Loungerie in Estonia and I can say that it has stolen the hearts of our clients. We also carry a premium selection of erotic lingerie, stockings, accessories and stylish toys to make you feel sexy and ready to surprise your partner or yourself.

We have the world’s leading brands of pleasure toys like LELO, Pico Bong, Fun Factory, Je Joue and more fun from Naughty Beauty, YESforLOV and Viamax.


What inspired you to open a lingerie boutique?

I got inspired when I visited London and enjoyed sexy concept shops during the trips. It was a shame that 4 years ago there was not one nice and naughty boutique in Tallinn where to go and buy sexy things. Since 2011 there is Ulakas Kaunitar and much more happy women in Estonia.

What´s your customers´ favourite piece from the Kriss Soonik collections? Why?

Our customers love Wings wraps and tops. Angel wings are just fabulous!

Insider tip to Tallinn?

Visit us for fresh ideas and a sexy outfit. Then get back to your hotel room and put out your “do not disturb” sign 😉

Ulakas Kaunitar

Pärnu mnt 36, Tallinn


New Stockist Alert! Risqué Boutique in Zurich.

This autumn we welcomed a brand new boutique to our stockist family – Risqué Boutique in Zurich. We caught up with the owner and manager of the store Olena Maslova for a quick chat about her store and Zurich in general.

Tell us a little bit about your boutique.
Risqué is located in the area of the main shopping street Bahnhofstrasse, next to such stores as Kiton, Trois Pommes, Bally and Christian Dior.
My idea was to create something special in Zurich by introducing the brands that are new to the Swiss market and are unique in their design and quality. I wanted the store to look luxurious and intimate for our customers to feel comfortable there. We have a great range of brands allowing every woman to find the style that she finds attractive and identifies with. In addition to Kriss Soonik we stock Atelier Bordelle, Fleur of England, Edge o’ Beyond, Lascivious, Fraulein Kink, 210th and L’Agent by Agent Provocateur.


What inspired you to open a lingerie boutique?
I have always been fascinated by lingerie and the detail of work involved. I think lingerie is something so personal and intimate and it can tell a lot about a person. It’s the first thing that a woman puts on every day and it is what makes her feel confident and sexy. The challenge was to pick out the brands that are appealing to every taste.

Why do you think Risqué customers like Kriss Soonik?
Our customers value quality, comfort and of course the special design the most, so I believe that is why Kriss Soonik is becoming very popular. The concept of loungerie is something new and creates a lot of excitement around the brand. The feedback that we’ve had so far is that the clients love how comfortable, playful and unique the brand is.


Could you give us an insider tip to Zurich?
If you’re interested in shopping then Bahnhofstrasse is definitely the number one destination. My personal favourite is the luxury label Trois Pommes which is owned by Swiss trendsetter Trudie Goetz.
You’ll find a lot of charming boutiques at Weinplatz. My other favourite destination to shop is Salvatore Schito, which is one of the most stylish places in Zurich that will always keep you updated on the newest trends. Their collection is quite extravagant and offers many unique accessories.