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Summer Plans


Now that the long awaited summer is finally here, it’s the perfect time to share how our team is planning to spend their vacation.



Nothing beats those long lazy days by the seaside. We all need a bit of vitamin sea. Be it just enjoying the sunshine or conquering the waves on a surfboard, What’s for sure, we’ll all be rocking some Kriss Soonik beachwear!




The best way to relax and gather inspiration. Our current favourite is Shoe Dog By Phil Knight. It’s a fascinating read about the journey of a CEO. It’s easy to forget that even a company like Nike was once a start-up. The book offers valuable insight into the highs and lows of running a business. If fashion books are more your thing, Business of Fashion has just come out with their annual summer reading list


Shoe Dog



It has become a summer tradition to visit couple of (music) festivals each year. The music, the friends, the atmosphere! And there’s also the exciting part of coming up with cool festival outfits! This time we’re all thrilled about the Citadel Festival in London.

Summer Festival

AUGUST TOP 5: Summer fun

For this month’s Top 5 post, we’ve put together our top things to do (and what to wear for them ;)) during summer holidays and weekends.


Summer is the time for open-air fun and music – throw on a Fishnet Cover-Up and you’re ready to rock.

Récemment mis à jour23


Hopefully you’ll get to go to a wedding or two this summer. These are always the loveliest events, with emotion, nostalgia, lots of beautiful people and even more fun!

Récemment mis à jour21



If you don’t manage to escape the city during the weekend, why not have a picnic in the park? Bring food, a bit of bubbly and wear summer’s favourite colour – white.

Récemment mis à jour22


A glamorous night out on a rooftop just calls for some sparkle – why not leave the Elve Bra with pearl details peeking out from your outfit. The perfect way to nail underwear as outerwear.

Récemment mis à jour26


The perfect way to make the most of your (long) weekend off is to hop on a plane to a nearby city and spend the time exploring. Change into the versatile Rebecca Body, grab a map and make new memories 🙂

Récemment mis à jour25


Start your active summer

All you active girls who don’t plan to sunbathe on the beach the whole summer – we have an idea for a valuable addition to your wardrobe that’s going to get you through every activity!


The Kristel Polo Suspender Top will get everyone’s eyes on you whether you’re roller-skating or playing tennis. Create a more traditional preppy look by tucking the suspenders into your skirt or shorts. We’d advise that approach on the golf course 😉

Récemment mis à jour1

The piqué jersey Polo range will effortlessly take you from day to evening whichever summer activity you choose this year.
But whatever you do – remember to have fun! 🙂

Récemment mis à jour2

Visual Diary: Estonia

Right now it’s one of the most picturesque times of the year in this Nordic country. Days are extra long and nights seem non-existent. But if you can’t make it this Summer, here are a few reasons why you should book your next year’s trip now.






Kriss’s Top 5 – June

Season: Summer
Do I need to say more?


Travel: Estonia
Best thing about Estonia? Its Summers and white nights. On the 23rd and 24th of June Estonians celebrate St John’s Day or Jaanipäev. Just a couple of days after summer solstice when night seems to be non-existent people light up bonfires across the county. I haven’t been back home during St Johns for years and I really look forward to getting my sleeping schedule messed up by these brief nights.


Flowers: Peonies
Ever since my husband got me a big bunch of light pink peonies from London’s Columbia Road Flower Market on our first date more than 7 years ago, peonies have been my favourite flowers. Right now is the best time for flowers in Europe – they are big, colourful and versatile. Even though it´s not yet proper Summer outside, this piece of nature in my living room reminds me to stress less and take it easy. It’s June after all.


Sport: Tennis
Guess by now you all know the story how I was supposed to become a pro tennis player. You also know it didn’t happen. But one can stop playing tennis and still admire the pros while dreaming to be as good of a player. Roland Garros and Wimbledon both make me equally excited this month. In that spirit, maybe I’ll dust off my tennis racket and finally try to beat my dad (has yet to happen).


Music: Fleetwood Mac
If you´re in London end of June, please go to their concert and sing along for me. Can´t make it and I am sad.
Legend goes that my mum found a pair of Stevie Nick’s Ray-Ban’s at Amsterdam Schiphol airport about 20 years ago. She was having lunch at the table next to her and left them on the chair. As a child I didn´t care much for Fleetwood Mac but the sunglasses were cool. Now I love Fleetwood Mac and the glasses are still cool. But guess they will have to wait for the next concert opportunity.


5 Things We´re Taking to the Beach This Summer

With days getting longer and warmer, we have got more than excited about Summer in the office. Here´s a guide from our team how to make the most of the beach holiday this year.

1) A kick-ass playlist
We can´t live without good music. Here´s a playlist we´ll be listening to on repeat.

2) A cover-up
We love multi-functional pieces and the Liisi cover-up is the perfect one for the beach.

Kriss Soonik Swim Liisi Coverup

3) Beach read
These are the books we´ll be reading while sipping our Margaritas.

Kriss Soonik Beach Reads

4) Don´t forget your swimwear!
No, seriously. The thrill of finally getting to the beach might be so big that you forget the most important thing. Our classic swimwsuit in black and gold is great for the beach bar or for playing volleyball with your kids. We love an active lifestyle but never want to lose the touch of glamour.

Kriss Soonik Splash! Swimsuit

5) An inflatable dolphin
Do we really need a reason?


And of course don´t forget the sun lotion!