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2016 Top 5

Reflecting on a year is such a great task! Especially when you´ve had a year like 2016. Putting together the top 5 was easy because there were so many things to choose from. Here are my highlights of the year 2016:

1) La Foret pop-up
In March we opened our very own shop in one of the busiest department stores in Tokyo – La Foret in Harajuku. It was only for 2 weeks but I got a feel what our real boutique could look like! It was definitely a milestone for me on this journey. When I first visited Tokyo more than 4 years ago, I never dared to dream that we´ll have our store there. But I guess it´s ok to dream big!


2) TFW Fashion show
Fashion shows are always very hard work. They take a lot of energy and time to organise, so we do them only when the time is right and I start craving for some creative excitement. So when we were invited to show at this year´s 10th anniversary Tallinn Fashion Week, I didn´t hesitate. It was a superfun show, the girls looked absolutely magnificent and the music was just too good to not throw a party on the catwalk.

3) Our giftbox
It has been quite a journey getting our gift box ready. I can say that we´ve been designing it for the past 5 years. I had a very specific idea what I wanted but all the samples we made were never right, so I decided not to hurry. After slightly updating our logo beginning of the year, I realised that classics are the best. Our black labels with the gold cat have been with us from the very beginning, we´ve updated them every now and then but the idea stays the same. So I decided to go for a black matt box with our gold cat. Clean, luxurious and ours. Really loving it!


4) AW16 campaign “The Morning After”
I am thrilled about our creative girl squad this year! Sandra, Nele, Johanna, Getter – it´s a shoutout to you all! We did some really cool stuff in 2016 and for me the highlight was the AW16 campaign “The Morning After”. Simple, fun, sexy. I feel that the #krisssooniksquad is on fire and we´ll bring you even cooler stuff in 2017.


5) Kriss Soonik Women
What I am most proud of is all the women around the world supporting us and wearing our designs. This means everything to me! I can see our concept spreading, more women finding out about us. There are so many of you sharing your pics and spreading the love. Thank you for your ongoing support! It wouldn´t be the same without you all! I promise to bring you new, fresh, fun designs in 2017!


TFW Behind the Scenes

Last week the Tallinn Fashion Week catwalk become a party scene for our gorgeous lingerie-clad girls. The show was the biggest we´ve ever organised. It took months to prepare all the 40 outfits, get the concept and models together.

But what went on behind the scenes hours before the show? Here´s a little sneak peek into all the pre-show excitement.










Photo credit: Sigrid Kuusk

Tallinn Fashion Week

Last Saturday we rocked the socks off at Tallinn Fashion Week! We celebrated TFW 10th anniversary with bringing the birthday party to the catwalk. I can still feel the positive vibes from the night and want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who made the show so amazing:

Our gorgeous models: Adeline, Agne, Carina, Ellu, Inna, Kadri, Kärolin, Laura, Mari, Maria, Merlin, Mona, Nelery.

DJ Sander Mölder for the sick beats,

Johanna Eenmaa for the styling and kick-ass chokers,

Riti, Piret and Nele for making behind the scenes magic,

Shishi, ABC King, MJ Models, Kevin Murphy, Oriflame and the entire TFW team!

And of course everyone who came to watch the show! THANK YOU! AITÄH!

Here are all the 39 looks from the show. A mix of our AW16, SS17 and some special show pieces. Until next time! Enjoy!















Photo Credit: Erlend Štaub

It’s showtime!

In a few days we will be putting on another fashion show – this time we’re back in Estonia celebrating Tallinn Fashion Week 10th anniversary.

The show preparations always start about a month ahead. From figuring out the concept to casting, from styling to music, it’s a long process with many layers and many unexpected moments. But the minute the first girl goes out on the catwalk, all the nerves are gone and we all remember why we love to do it so much.

To get everyone else in the mood as well, here’s what goes into setting it all up.

Concept: This time around it was easy! We decided to theme the show after our AW16 campaign “The Morning After”, which follows the adventures of a birthday girl on the next day after the big party


Set & props : We love to go for that extra mile and make sure the concept really comes through to the public. That often involves building a set, using props, video projection and really thinking through the music selection. This Saturday’s production will be our most ambitious yet…

Models: Besides being drop dead gorgeous Kriss Soonik girls are strong, powerful and full of mischief.


Styling: No doubt the lingerie and loungewear pieces are the true stars of the show. This saturday we’ll be showcasing the highlights from AW16 and SS17 collections mixed with special show pieces. You can expect sparkle & glitter and of course our signature details.


Party on!

Last Thursday we were awarded the highest prize in Estonian fashion – the Golden Needle (Kuldnõel) award for Fashion Designer of the Year. This is the first time in the award´s 16 year history that the prize has been given to a lingerie or accessories designer rather than a ready-to-wear designer.

Even though the prize is awarded to a fashion designer why do I keep saying “we” received the award? Well, there is no way I would have received the award alone, without the help and support of some incredible people – my assistant, my husband and parents, my manufacturers, friends and of course our fans. Thank you for believing in us and giving us motivation to keep on going.

A huge thank you of course to all our gorgeous models – Liis, Daniela, Agne, Kärolin, Brigitta, Helina from MJ Models & Silvia from EMA Models, and the bunny boys from Free Flow Studio. The Golden Needle jury and organisers – thank you for an incredible and fun show!

The collection we showed at the award gala was an extended AW14 “Get your rabbit out!” with some special show pieces. The girls, with a 60´s inspired look, depicted sexy wolves with a rabbit fetish. They were strong yet feminine characters. The show ended with a surprise entrance from dancing bunny boys who joined the sexy wolf girls on stage to celebrate Kriss Soonik 5th birthday party.
Here are some highlights from the show.

Making of a Fashion Show

In exactly one week it´s time to host yet another fashion show for Kriss Soonik. It will take place during Tallinn Fashion Week Golden Needle gala where the brand has been nominated for the Fashion Designer of the Year award.

But what really goes into the making of a fashion show? Here are the 4 most important elements for us when organising a catwalk show. After the actual collection, of course…

Gorgeous models
Girls full of confidence, energy and charm are key to a cool fashion show. And making backstage life more fun! We usually create characters for the girls they can become on stage. In the past we´ve had for example the modern, independent Snow White and The Desperate Mousewife – a mouse girl with a cat fetish – strutting the catwalk.


Welcome to our world
We always put together an inspiration board before the show to get everyone involved on the same wavelength, and to make sure hair, make-up and styling teams are working with the same vision in mind.

The collection we´ll be showing at TFW gala is an extended AW14 – adding special show pieces especially created for the event. A little secret: there´s been some experimenting with our signature piece – the suspender top – giving it a more Nordic climate look.

Here´s a sneak peek of next week show´s moodboard.


Surprise Moment
Fashion shows are big productions – a lot of hard work for a max 10 minute result. Therefore the Kriss Soonik shows are never just about girls walking on the catwalk presenting the latest collections. We want it to be an experience for the viewers. We want them to get positive emotions to take back home with them. Showing lingerie on stage is sexy enough, so usually our mission is to push people to think beyond the fact that girls are wearing underwear and make them laugh.

Last year, as you know, we sent the girls on stage wearing 7 Dwarfs masks – balancing beauty, femininity and fun.


Mad about Music
Music is something that inspires me most when designing. We always use well known songs or quite well known songs from different eras. My favourites are the ones that are a bit forgotten. They used to be awesome but time moved on. Our songs are quite strong, energetic, sometimes even a bit angry.

Here´s our playlist from last year´s fashion show. Some songs didn´t make the final cut but kept us up when working late hours.

In exactly a week´s time, we´ll be able to share all images and behind the scenes action of our AW14 fashion show.

Kriss Soonik SS14 Fashion Show

This October we organised our first fashion show in 3 years. It felt like the perfect time as the SS14 collection is also our 5th year anniversary collection. So when we got nominated for the Silver Needle fashion award in Estonia, we didn´t hesitate to take part in the gala fashion show during Tallinn Fashion Week.

We had an army of modern, confident Snow Whites take the stage. For the finale the models changed into a rainbow of bras and knickers wearing the Seven Dwarves masks. At first glance a frivolous idea actually had a much deeper meaning. It hails equality – modern women do all the work of the dwarves while staying strong, classy and sexy.

We definitely had fun planning the show and want to thank the most incredible fashion show team:

Our sexy army of girls: Elsbeth Tiisler, Merlin Luur, Kadri Nurmsoo @ E.M.A Model Managementt , Liis Teller, Triin V @ MJ Models , Nele @ AL Models and Liis Teemusk.
Stylist: Külli Piibar
Photographer: Jaanar Nikker
Movie clips: Hanna Samoson & Madis Ligema
Music: Arvo Lukk
And the entire Tallinn Fashion Week hair, make-up and organisation team.

Click on the icons below to see all the show images and what´s in store soon.