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Stockist Alert: Naughty Beauty in Tallinn

We caught up with Kirki Kubri who runs a cute lingerie boutique – our only permanent stockist in Estonia. Go check out their awesome selection just in time for Valentine’s 😉

Tell us a little bit about your boutique.

Ulakas Kaunitar (Naughty Beauty) is a naughty little lingerie store in the center of Tallinn, Pärnu mnt 36. Our boutique is for the modern woman and also for couples, to make the evenings more enjoyable.

We represent Kriss Soonik Loungerie in Estonia and I can say that it has stolen the hearts of our clients. We also carry a premium selection of erotic lingerie, stockings, accessories and stylish toys to make you feel sexy and ready to surprise your partner or yourself.

We have the world’s leading brands of pleasure toys like LELO, Pico Bong, Fun Factory, Je Joue and more fun from Naughty Beauty, YESforLOV and Viamax.


What inspired you to open a lingerie boutique?

I got inspired when I visited London and enjoyed sexy concept shops during the trips. It was a shame that 4 years ago there was not one nice and naughty boutique in Tallinn where to go and buy sexy things. Since 2011 there is Ulakas Kaunitar and much more happy women in Estonia.

What´s your customers´ favourite piece from the Kriss Soonik collections? Why?

Our customers love Wings wraps and tops. Angel wings are just fabulous!

Insider tip to Tallinn?

Visit us for fresh ideas and a sexy outfit. Then get back to your hotel room and put out your “do not disturb” sign 😉

Ulakas Kaunitar

Pärnu mnt 36, Tallinn


Making of a Photoshoot

End of June we shot our next Spring/Summer 16 collection. Yes, 1 year in advance! It’s always a stressful time, a lot of last minute pre-panic to get the shoot day run smoothly. But what really happens behind the scenes before the shoot? This is how we do it.

For us everything starts with the collection. It sets the mood and the story. Throughout the design process, which usually takes about 6 months, I gather all sorts of pictures online or cut them out from magazines. A month before the shoot it all gets serious as we pull together the best bits that create the final moodboard. Pinterest is a great place to get inspiration and keep all finds at one place.
Once the shoot concept is in place, we’ll share the ideas with our shoot team, so everyone can contribute to the final moodboard.


Model & The Team
We try to work with the same people as much as possible but every now and then new blood brings fresh life to the images and the brand. The photographer, the hair and make-up artist, location scout – everyone has to understand the brand concept and the story.

The choice of the model is crucial. It’s a brand from women to women, so we look for free-spirited, quirky, cool and fun girls that embody the brands ethos. No regular pouting pin-ups but girls that are sexy without knowing it. Finding the right girl is time consuming but when you finally find your girl, it makes the shoot run oh so smoothly.


The story and purpose of the shoot define whether the photoshoot will happen in a studio or somewhere at a location. A big role is also played by seasonality – is it an Autumn/Winter or Spring/Summer collection?

Our latest shoot for SS16 took place in Estonia where we do most of our shoots. The weather in Tallinn is always unpredictable, so even though it had been quite nice and warm, on the day a very cold wind arrived and the conditions become freezing. The team was all wrapped up in coats and scarves while our brave model fought the cold and managed to pull a very “summery” face. We joked that at least it wasn’t raining.


Visual Diary: Estonia

Right now it’s one of the most picturesque times of the year in this Nordic country. Days are extra long and nights seem non-existent. But if you can’t make it this Summer, here are a few reasons why you should book your next year’s trip now.






Kriss´s Top 5 – Tallinn

Of all the #ksworldtour destinations this year, Tallinn is of course the most personal. Being from Tallinn but living abroad always makes me nostalgic about the city. I really like how the town is developing and it´s always a pleasure to go back and visit new places that are popping up around town. Here are 5 of my favourites when in Estonia.

Ulakas Kaunitar
In the heart of the city, in Solaris shopping centre, you will find a very naughty yet cute store – Ulakas Kaunitar (Naughty Beauty). It is the only shop in Estonia selling exclusively Kriss Soonik collections and the only shop in the world selling our entire collection. From next week you´ll also have the chance to see the powerful Golden Needle (looks more like a sword) on display. The needle was awarded to us at Tallinn Fashion Week for Fashion Designer of the Year title.


Café Klaus
One very nice café/restaurant off the beaten track with close proximity to the sea. This is the up and coming area of Tallinn, so the sooner you go there the better. They have a lovely garden that´s great for Summer lounging. The café also has an Estonian design shop Estonian Design House where you can get acquainted with local product and fashion designers.

Café Klaus

Old Town
This is what I call home. I know for a lot of locals living in Old Town seems an impossible task but at the right location it´s quiet and beautiful. The proximity to everything is priceless especially when you come from big cities. I am a junkie for Town Hall Square (just ignore most restaurants there) especially during Christmas time. Another reason why locals don´t like Old Town is because it has lost it´s authenticity. Most restaurants are expensive and meant only for tourists, so you won’t get to see many cool kids around. But luckily things are changing – places like Must Puudel, Frank & Paar Veini all have added a bit of young blood to Old Town.

Tallinn Old Town

When in Estonia, this is one of my favourite things! Estonians are similar to our Nordic neighbours being used to the Finnish sauna. I really miss it when in London because the London ones are not the real thing. What is the real thing? The wood stove sauna, with real fire. Most Estonians have a sauna at home, so being local it´s not that big of a deal, it´s more like a daily or weekly routine. And of course be prepared to get naked!


Diana Wings Wrap
We had decided to include the Kristiina Suspender Top as the product of the month. It´s a perfect mix of sexy, comfy & warmth. After all the idea for the top was influenced by the Nordic climate and the jersey underwear Estonians wear to keep warm.

But when we were in Estonia the weather got even colder. The season of “curling up on a sofa with a hot cup of tea” had arrived. And instead we picked the red Diana Wings Wrap for the Tallinn month. Now available with free monogramming service – it´s the perfect gift!

Kriss Soonik Diana Wings Wrap

You can also read a short interview about my last trip to Tallinn on the Opening Ceremony blog.

Inspirational Women: Tallinn

We´d love to present you 3 very talented and gorgeous girls straight from the capital of Estonia.

It´s no secret that Estonian women are beautiful, hard-working and independent. But these girls push these terms to the next level. All of them have inspired me so much, and been such great friends, that they now all have pieces from our collections named after them.

Here they share their insider tips for your next visit to Tallinn.


Name: Katrin Emmus
Age: 30
Job: interior architect / set designer

Favourite place in Tallinn?
It’s a small cafe called Kohalik, in one of Tallinn’s hip areas Uus Maailm. I can sit there for hours. The food is delicious, service is super-sweet and the atmosphere is home-like.

What advice would you give someone visiting Tallinn for the first time?
Don’t “get stuck” in the old town! We all know that it’s a fairytale-like place in a must-see list when visiting Tallinn, but try to find at least a day (or two!) to take a walk in the Kalamaja region. Our so-called hipster-area, where all the houses are wooden, streets are much narrower and people seem to have a constant ‘keep-smiling’ look on their faces. All the small businesses, bakeries, restaurants, galleries, flea-markets and other ‘hidden extras’ add a certain charm to the whole area.

Favourite Kriss Soonik piece?
Glitter Wings Wrap

How do you wear/style your Kriss Soonik piece?
I enjoy matching my Susan Chic Lace Body with a pair of ripped skinny jeans – the contrast of these two pieces is fabulous (and sexy ;)! I also adore the fact that the -Glitter Wings Wrap (which I usually tend to wear as a dressing gown) can be worn as a light jacket so easily. I just tie the silk belt from behind (on my back).


Name: Ruthie Belle
Age: 31
Job: entrepreneur in beauty industry

Favourite place in Tallinn?
Christmas Market at Raekoja Plats (Town Hall Square)

Insider Tip to Tallinn?
Come here either in the summer or when there’s snow. Also, beauty treatments in Tallinn are absolute top notch so get everything done before you head back home!

Favourite Kriss Soonik piece?
Elve Body – Silver Peony

How do you wear/style your Kriss Soonik piece?
I wear my Susan Motion Body with high heels, jeans, cropped jacket and red lips!


Name: Diana Treu
Age: 31
Job: Hair wizard

Favourite place in Tallinn?
So, my favorite place or should I say area in Tallinn is definitely Kalamaja with it’s flourishing bohemian atmosphere.

What advice would you give to someone visiting Tallinn for the first time?
For a person visiting Tallinn for the first time I would recommend venturing beyond the walls of Old Town to get a more authentic experience. Places like Kalamaja, Telliskivi, Kadriorg or Pirita are all popular with locals.

Favourite Kriss Soonik piece(s)?
Kristel Suspender Top with Long Sleeves

How do you wear/style your Kriss Soonik piece?
I wear the Kristel Suspender Top with Long Sleeves during winter as a sexy alternative to warm underwear. Otherwise I pair it up with jeans, skirts or just stockings 🙂

Pictures by Jaanar Nikker