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Tennis vs Lingerie. Game, Set & Match.

People always ask why I became a lingerie designer. To tell you the truth, I have no idea. I think lingerie found me rather than the other way around. It started off as an experiment while I was designing womenswear. I fell in love with it so hard and have never looked back.

Here´s one of the theories.

I was named after my father´s favourite tennis player – Chris Evert – a huge star from the the 70s. My parents believed that I would follow the lead and become a great tennis player. But after 9 years of tennis lessons, finally in high school it became clear that I won’t become a professional. That was the moment when I had to find a new hobby and tennis got substituted with fashion design.

Years later, when I was already designing frilly knickers and studying at London College of Fashion, I went through heaps of luxury lingerie books for a project and discovered this image:

Chris Evert Playing at the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament

To my surprise it turned out to be Chris Evert with her infamous frilly knickers. Apparently she was the first tennis player to start wearing fun & playful knickers under her skirts.

So maybe it really was my destiny to become a lingerie designer and not a professional tennis player all along?

To celebrate the start of Wimbledon, we are offering 20% off on our Kristel Polo Suspender T-shirt, Top, Knickers & Thongs until 29th July.


Kriss x

Kriss Soonik A match of tennis campaign

Meet the Original Susan

Susan in Susan Motion

Every piece in our collection has been named after a woman who has inspired me on my journey as a designer. Here I would like to introduce you to my best friend Susan. Why was our best-selling bodysuit named after her? Easy – Susan has the most amazing butterflies tattooed on her back. The open back makes it perfect to show them off. But the bodysuit is also tough, cool, feminine and sexy and I think you can characterise Susan with the same words.

But who really is the real Susan? Here´s a flash interview with her.

Name: Susan Luitsalu
Age: 30
Job: TV producer, writer, published author

Define your style in three words.
Effortlessly cool, obviously

Your style muse?
Kate Moss

Your music obsession?
Tracks that I associate with positive feelings, memories, friends. They vary from Motorhead to Arvo Pärt.

Favourite travel destination?
I’m addicted to travel, so it’s very hard to say. I prefer new locations but I also get kind of twitchy when I haven’t been to London for a while. And I like Kiev and get excited about Baku. And have wet dreams about Greek islands. I long for New York and can’t live without Dubai. I need to snowboard.

What´s on your bucket list?
I’m too spontaneus for bucket lists (read: too busy to commit to one). I make a new and very short one whenever I get some time off. This summer I want to go to the tundra in Lapland, see the midnight sun and eat in the Fäviken Magasinet restaurant which is the 19th best restaurant in the world in the middle of nowhere in Sweden.

How do you wear you Susan Motion bodysuit?
I pair a black one with black trousers anrd wear extremely high heels. Or wear a golden one under a tuxedo jacket for a night out.

Get your very own Susan Motion Body here.

Susan in Susan Motion Black

Images by Marko Russiver.

Our Summer

Riti, PR & Marketing Assistant
What is the event you´re most looking forward to this summer?
Marina Abramovic’is performance piece at the Serpentine Gallery in London.

Where are you holidaying?
In my lovely Estonia. Looking forward to the road trip we have planned there.

Any summer traditions?
Huge summer BBQ with all my friends. Nothing special, but it brings us all together and always creates some amazing memories.

What piece from our collections will you be rocking this summer?
Definitely the Sian Fishnet Dress. I’ll be either throwing it on top of my Kriss Soonik bikini on the beach or will wear it as a top for a night on the town.


Inge, Production & Logistics Manager, Kriss´s mum
What is the event you´re most looking forward to this summer?
It has to be Kriss´s wedding

Where are you holidaying?
I will mainly be in the beautiful Estonian countryside but also look forward to a week of Spanish sun.

Any summer traditions?
Take some time off. Go berry picking. Make a big bonfire celebrating the Midsummer´s Eve.

What piece from our collections will you be rocking this summer? How do/would you wear it?
Inge Fishnet Gown – on the beach and lounging at the country house.


Claire, International Sales Intern
What is the event you´re most looking forward to this summer?
Definitely, the Notting Hill carnival on 24th and 25th of August! As a total fan of Samba and Batucada, I love the festive atmosphere and that the carnival brings a little taste of Caribbean culture to London!

Where are you holidaying?
Spending time in Le Racou, in a small village nearby the Mediteranean sea; riding to the fish-market of Port Vendres; visiting the wonderful city of Colliour; hiking in the Pyrenees; and sipping cocktails on the beach. What could be better for relaxing during the summer?

Any summer traditions?
Gathering the whole family during a weekend in our country house in South of France.
Attending my childhood village celebration near Montpelier, surrounded by performances of herds of bulls and horses in the simple and unique mind of traditions.

What piece from our collections will you be rocking this summer?
I will be wearing the Liisi Jersey Cover-up for its softness, comfort and elegance. Worn as a top or as a skirt, with a nice wide-brimmed hat, the Liisi Cover-up will be the perfect piece to wear everywhere.


Kriss, Founder & CEO
What is the event you´re most looking forward to this summer?
My wedding in August.

Where are you holidaying?
Don´t have much time for holidaying this Summer but I look forward to having a week off with my parents in Barcelona. Eating the best Spanish food, drinking good wine and beach hopping. And of course, I look forward to spending some time with friends in beautiful Estonia.

Any summer traditions?
Ever since I was little I have been travelling with my parents during Summer to different destinations in Europe. I am glad we get to do this again this Summer.

What piece from our collections will you be rocking this summer?
It has to be the Kristel Polo Suspender T-shirt. I am obsessed with the piece. Wearing it with trousers and skirts, for casual and formal occasions.


The Cat, The Mascot
What is the event you´re most looking forward to this summer?

Where are you holidaying? (we all should add what we’re up to there as well)

Any summer traditions?

What piece from our collections will you be rocking this summer?
Meow, meow


Outfit ideas: Kristel Polo Suspender T-shirt

This Spring-Summer (and probably many Summers to come) we are obsessed with the Kristel Polo T-shirt. Here are some ideas how to mix the versatile top into your wardrobe.

Kriss Soonik Kristel Suspender Polo Tshirt - Evening out
Dare to wear. For a glam evening look, mix the top with skinny trousers, a chic blazer and high heels. Balance the sexiness with cute details – like the adorable Charlotte Olympia bag.

Kriss Soonik Kristel Suspender Polo Tshirt - Office
Office wardrobe just got a new favourite. If you prefer to hide your sexy side from your colleagues, then you can always wear the suspenders hidden under you skirt with or without stockings. What others see is a gorgeous, feminine, well-cut polo t-shirt with cute puff sleeves.

Kriss Soonik Kristel Suspender Polo Tshirt Lazy Sunday
Lazy Sunday look. Sporty & fun with an element of sexy that is guaranteed to spice up your outfit for that Mimosa brunch with friends.

Have fun! Explore!

For the details of the items used on these images please visit our Polyvore page.

What I wore in Tokyo

In March I spent a week in Tokyo hosting our 5th anniversary #ksworldtour party, but also visiting lingerie boutiques and meeting with Japan´s top fashion editors. As always I wanted to incorporate as many of our styles into my outfits as possible. Here are some examples of the outfits I wore that week in Tokyo.

Kriss Soonik Outfit with Rebecca Top and Eva Suspender Belt
2 pieces at one go! It was raining heavily one day, so really didn´t feel like wearing any colour. Instead decided to play with different black textures. The Rebecca jersey top with the lace collar and new Eva Suspender Belt are a match made in “underwear as outerwear” heaven. The Eva Suspender Belt is a fun item – you can be ultra sexy with suspenders attached to the belt, or go chic by removing the suspenders.

Kriss Soonik Lace Bodysuit Outfit
I love flared trousers that´s no secret. I also love bodysuits. And here I am matching my 70s look trousers with our Susan Lace Bodysuit. Don´y worry though if you´re not a bodysuit person. The Susan now also comes as a top. But did you know that both of the styles are reversible? You can wear the opening in the front or at the back. Versatile, sexy, elegant and fun pieces. No wonder they are our best-selling styles.

Kriss Soonik Suspender Top Outfit
At a meeting with a suspender top? Yes, always. And especially in Tokyo. Here I am wearing the Limited Edition Kristiina Ribbed Jersey Suspender Top from our next AW14 collection. An early teaser. Matching it with a pencil skirt and high heels. We have many similar styles on our webshop now, check out the Classic Kristel Suspender Top or Kristel Polo T-shirt from the current Spring/Summer collection.

3 reasons to love the Kristel Polo Suspender T-shirt

It´s not very often that we dedicate one full post to an item from our collections but the Kristel Polo Suspender T-shirt, and Kristel Polo Suspender Tank Top, deserve it.

It took me a couple of seasons to get the design finalised. I had been flirting with the idea for ages but wanted to be sure that when I started redesigning such a classic as is the pique polo t-shirt, then it had to become perfect. It started with finding the right fabric, getting the details, and of course the overall look, right. New Yorkers quickly named the style “preppy sexy”. Apparently it´s very hard to do…
And looking back, launching it for SS14, the timing couldn´t be better with the sports luxe trend causing a stir in the fashion world.

So here are 3 reasons why I have fallen head over heels for the t-shirt and how you could incorporate it into your daily wardrobe:

1. Fun
The suspender details give an old classic a completely new look. The puff-sleeves balance the sexiness levels, so the result feels more cool and sporty than in-your-face sexy. Wear it on top of your skirt or jeans for a fun, fabulous look.

2. Practical
If you don´t dare to wear the suspenders outside, then you can always wear them hidden under you skirt or jeans without stockings. What others will see is a gorgeous, feminine, well-cut polo t-shirt with pearl buttons and puffy sleeves.

3. Sexy
Or you can wear the top under your skirt with stockings bringing a power touch to the traditional polo t-shirt. No one except you knows what´s hidden under your skirt. And it´s completely up to the wearer to reveal it at the right time. Or not…

Kriss Soonik Kristel Polo Suspender T-shirt
From catwalk to real life – Kristel Polo Suspender T-shirt

Inspirational Women – New York

Audrey Hepburn
Often when I start designing a new collection I think “What would Audrey wear?” I have loved her style since I was a little girl and she has influenced my personal style a lot. I think she would have rocked our black Kristel Turtle Neck Suspender Top. The Classic Lace Set and Elve Bra would have been brilliant in many of her movies. Elve Bra in “Paris When it Sizzles”? Perfect match.

Recently Updated1
Solange Knowles
Her style is just unbelievable! The colours, relaxed yet tailored, New York meets LA vibe. With her innate sense of style, she´d definitely know how to combine some of our more colourful “underwear as outerwear” styles into her wardrobe – Diana Wings Wrap in Red and Elve Body with Swarovski pearls. Not to mention all the colourful signature bras and knickers – I can see her mixing and matching.

Recently Updated2
Preetma Singh
One of the most original women I´ve ever met. The WSJ Mag Market Editor knows how to make green hair office friendly or how to dress down a plastic skirt. Just take a look at her blog and you´ll know what I´m talking about. She is the epitome of New York cool. She is our black fishnet girl – a fashionable mix of tough and sexy.

Recently Updated3
Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen
Inspirational for their actions and their style. Business women breaking all the fashion rules. If they asked me to collaborate on a lingerie line for The Row, I wouldn´t hesitate for a moment. They seem like two wicked and very hard working girls. Our black fishnet lingerie set and Helen Lace Wrap would go well with their strong yet girly style.

Saturday afternoon

On a wonderful Saturday we met up with friends at Maison Trois Garcons cafe on Redchurch Street in East London for a catch-up and a cup of coffee… and a little photoshoot.
As you probably know, a lot of our pieces can be worn as part of your everyday look. They are more than just for hiding under your clothes or in your bedroom. They are versatile, multi-functional and will make you feel unique.
We hope these images will give inspiration on how to style your pieces from our latest collections for your next lazy champagne brunch with friends.

Gaia in Helen Lace Wrap
Gaia wearing the Helen Lace Wrap in Electric Blue and very cleverly reversing the Kristel Turtle Neck Top.

Kadi wearing the Glitter Wings Sweatshirt.

kriss_091213_1 kriss_091213_2
Kriss wearing the Sian Fishnet Dress.

marianna_091213_1 marianna_091213_3
Marianna wearing the Sparkle Suspender Top.

Thank you to our gorgeous models Gaia, Kadi and Marianna.
Photography by Victoria Anisko.
Production Riti Kallas.

Underwear as Outerwear. Why we love our Inventive Customers.

reversible jersey suspender top and bodysuit

As much as I want to make our pieces multi-functional, reversible and wearable both as innerwear and outerwear – I didn´t see this coming! Thank you to our amazing customer Getter who found out that the Bridget Body can also be worn back to front. I immediately tested it with the Kristel Suspender Top and it´s brilliant! The top now has a sexy keyhole detail with a kitten-like square bow in the front.

Photo: Christo Neemre

Our love affair with navy continues

Last week ELLEUK.com made a discovery in their lingerie article (which also featured our lace set) : “midnight blue underwear is the most flattering shade you can wear – whether worn against milky white or olive brown skin it is utterly alluring. Not as harsh as black, but richer and sexier than paler shades.” Well, not that I´m bragging here, but we already knew that! That was the exact reason why we added dark blue to our summer collection.

As you know I am trying and testing all styles on myself and this summer I have become hooked on our navy Helen Lace Wrap. I think over the summer I´ve taken it everywhere – to the beaches in Spain, to the London College of Fashion graduates show and a chic wedding in Cyprus. I even tried seducing my boyfriend with it (hint: match it with the Silvia and Maike Lace set). I´ve been literally living in it. The gown is versatile and can be easily taken from a very posh to a much more relaxed setting, while looking glamorous all the way. Of course it´s not missing our typical quirky touch and the patent shoulder and pocket detailing with the tiny bows give it a modern edge.

Navy trend has definitely had its moment this summer but we believe that it´s here to stay longer. We haven´t got enough of the colour and while this summer we´ve showed it in a more playful way then for the AW12 collection we will bring out it´s even more glamorous side. Mixing navy with black and gold. Classic.

Here´s a teaser from the new collection launching in September 2012. Diana Monarch Wrap – Limited Edition and totally worth queueing for.

Photo: Kristel Raesaar, Model: Nelery Rastas, Make-up: Kirki Kubri, Hair: Sille Herma @ Savannah